Millions have cracked IIT JEE. So can you.


You’ve been building up to this exam, little by little, all your life. You’ve given up your free time and have devoted yourself to the annals of science. Of the logic and experiments of Physics, of the formulas and reactivity of Chemistry, of the gruelling formulas and shortcuts that make Math the beast that it is. But you don’t mind this at all.  In the end, it’s going to be worth it because you’ll be pursuing your dream.

Your dream to be an engineer. Be it Computer Science Engineering, which turns you into a tech wizard, letting you manipulate technology to your will and your benefit, or perhaps you’d like to be an Electronics and Communication Engineer or an Electrical Engineer, building up the very hardware that world runs on and thrives on. Some of you may want to be a Civil Engineer, building grand monuments and managing cities while others may want to be Chemical Engineers, playing with volatile elements to turn them into tools to be used for our advantage.

However, that’s in the far future. In the coming days, however, you have more pressing concerns. Namely the IIT JEE entrance exams. No need to fret though. We’ve got you covered with 7 tips to ace your IIT JEE.

1. Don’t stress it.

You’re going to appear for the exams, stress or no stress. And if stress is optional, why opt for it? Take it easy. Just prepare for your exams. You’ve got this.

2. Simulate IIT

The best way to prepare for something is to get in the routine that it mandates. So to get through your IIT JEE exams work towards a routine.  Start waking up at exactly the same time to ensure your body and mind gets tuned to the pattern.

3. Test yourself, in time and on time.

Several years of experience with students have proved that one of the best value-added activity for JEE preparation is to give previous JEE-Advanced papers exactly between 9 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm in the days leading up to it.

4. Blast from the past.

Reach back into the annals of the previous year question papers and give them a go. Even solving the last five years’ papers will prove to be a major advantage.

5. Get over overconfidence.

Do not think that you do not need to sharpen the areas that you have inherent strengths in. Overconfidence can be a huge pain point.

6. Sleep well but wake up well in time.

Go to sleep for at least 7 hours but do not exceed 8 hours of sleep each day. Oversleeping can reduce your level of productivity to a large degree.

7. Take it easy but be in control.

Stay relaxed yet focused. Temperament plays a vital role in IIT JEE success. Nervousness can decrease performance to such an extent that a student who has the potential to get a top rank in JEE fails to even qualify.

Besides these tips, we’ve also got the IIT JEE app for you to bank on. It comes with Previous Years Papers, Customizable chapter-wise practice tests, Full-length Mock Tests, Question bank for IIT JEE Physics, Chemistry and Maths, Detailed Performance Analysis based on Practice Tests and National Level Weekly Tests, Information on Exam dates, pattern and syllabus, and packages based on student needs.

Now you know when we say we’ve got your back, we leave absolutely nothing on chance. So, go ahead, there is no stopping now. Give your best shot. Good luck!

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