MOBILE LEARNING – The advantages

MOBILE LEARNING – The advantagesOur world is constantly on the go. We are no longer required to be confined to spaces to pursue work or studies. In this regard, a kind of revolution has been achieved through the introduction of ‘Mobile Learning’, in other words, learning that can occur through learning solutions being made available on any mobile phone or hand-held device.

The idea is brilliant – you can be connected to your texts anytime, anywhere. You can customize learning based on your preference of time and subject. You can independently divide time between different subjects, and thus create your own time table. And in addition to all this, you can learn in a format which is fun, engaging and responsive.

Let’s give you some quick insights.


  1. Cost
    App based learning or Mobile learning resources eliminate the cost of expensive tuitions and other learning resources which may be located at a distance far away from the learner. Since most of the learning content is digitized, it can be accessed quickly and relatively cheaply (if not altogether free of cost), eliminating the need for visiting expensive book-stores, which cannot guarantee the presence of academic resources. Other than learning resources, huge cost is also saved on travel.
  2. Time
    Flexibility, ownership and efficiency – all of these are achieved in case of mobile based learning. The end user can study anytime, anywhere and can take the initiative of forming own learning schedules based on needs of improvement and areas of strength. Also, the ease of access makes mobile-learning quicker and more efficient.
  3. Content
    The learning resources made available via apps that can be downloaded to your handheld devices are rich in multimedia content. These modules factor in the need to balance conceptual clarity with engaging visuals, such that the learner remains interested and pursues his/her studies with great depth. This content is also dynamic and can be upgraded the moment it turns obsolete.

So, if used judiciously, a learner may be able to reap huge dividends out of mobile learning. Understanding, ownership and gentle guidance by mentors and guardians can help with achieving best results in this regard.