Need of Online Education in India

blog 4In recent past, a lot has been debated about digital India and infrastructural setup needed for the same. In the context of India’s current situation, education is undoubtedly the single most essential commodity that holds the potential for replenishing India. Digital Education which comprises of both online education and offline education is a very powerful means of building a new India.

Here are few reasons why Offline and Online Education in India has the impact potential to revolutionize learning.

  • Population: India has the second highest population of all the countries in the world. This population is poised to become highest in some years. E-learning websites offer the natural advantage of reaching wide geographical locations in India.
  • Scalability: Educational websites are robust and scalable with least investment. Even if e-learning websites were to serve double the amount of learners, very nominal investment would be required as compared to brick and mortar schools.
  • Internet reach: Internet has rapidly proliferated and penetrated into the remotest of villages in India. Educational websites can be accessed even in the remotest villages where schools may not be present.
  • Evolving trends: Learning trends have evolved to a very large extent. Reading/writing has been replaced by Videos/surfing. E-learning websites thus have greater acceptability in comparison to traditional education making online education in India a necessity.
  • Geographical reach: India has a very large area geographically which is inhabited evenly. For a developing country, providing education infrastructure in all these corners is practically impossible which leads to the urban-rural divide. E-learning websites again offer an advantage in this pretext.
  • Cost of deployment: Operational cost of an educational website is very less when compared to a school which can hardly cater to few thousand students. E-learning websites, on the other hand, cater to much larger audience.
  • Other Advantages: In the existing scenario in India, there is a huge dearth of teachers as well as schools. Online learning in India is therefore the most cost beneficial means of spreading education.