Need to Build Concepts in Class 9th for CBSE Board Exams

Class 9 is a critical phase in a students’ life because it lays the basics of his/her foundation for Class 10 CBSE. CBSE syllabus for Class 9th is crafted so as to introduce students to the very basics of Science & Maths. CBSE Class 9th syllabus for science is divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This gives students a good understanding of what these subjects are all about. Similarly, students are acquainted to complex topics in Math like Trigonometry and Algebra. Also, in social sciences, students are exposed to the basics of Economics and Political Science.

Extramarks learning solutions place high emphasis on Class 9th & Class 10 CBSE from scoring as well as learning point of view. The teachers and parents must ensure that students’ preparation is closely done with CBSE syllabus for Class 9. As an online learning site, Extramarks provides its learners access to CBSE notes. It is important for a student to delve deeper into concepts so that their interests and aptitude can be ascertained better.

As per Extramarks recommendation to students, it is very important to study the syllabus from the examination point of view as well as gain knowledge and insights. This requires students to build interest in subjects and understand the various phenomena in the real world linked with the theoretical knowledge.

To reinforce the concepts, the learning solutions have activities that enable students revisit the concepts learnt in order to master them completely. The last feature, namely Test, has all the tools for equipping learner with good grades in exams. Offered through online learning sites, CBSE notes from Extramarks are important to make students geared up for the Class 10 CBSE.