Never stop assessing yourself

blog 12Development in a being is possible only when he/she knows how much he is yet to learn. The levels of learning for every person are different and the differences exist due to the experiences in life. The same goes out for children who begins their cycle of learning at the very tender age and then once this phase begins it is a never-ending process. Extramarks has skillfully put an extra note on this essential aspect by designing its software such that during the process of learning, one may not forget to assess oneself and note his/her progress report. This very interesting and of course, important characteristic of Extramarks is worth appraising since it gives the learning child, the chance to grow as per his/her perception and imbibes in him/her the power to have a genuine assessment of oneself.

The phase of learning is indeed a very subtle period during which the child wades through a lot of knowledge, both good and bad. And it is during this period, that he/she requires maximum attention both from parents and teachers alike. It is not only the bookish knowledge that the child grasps but also knowledge from the outer world. However, knowledge from books gained from schools and libraries is definitely a fundamental element and attaining this knowledge needs proper guidance and mentoring.

Extramarks adopts a very simple yet effective phenomenon for the purpose of a better teaching system, known as the 360 degree approach. This approach has become very popular owing to the success rate of children following it. The program has a three-step secret. These steps include: learn, practice and test. The e-learning program has many modules via which it educates the children adopting it as a measure of study. Once the phase of learning is complete, the next step to cover would be the practice sessions. Extramarks provides the online students with so many papers and question and answer formats that a student can redo it over and over again as many time he/she wants and practice vigorously. As it is said, practice makes a man perfect, Extramarks strictly believes in that and has clearly applied it in their online training program. The last and final phase of the 360 degree approach program, is the testing phase and it is from this that the student is finally able to assess himself/herself. Question papers and online testing modules are prepared for the purpose of optimum usage by the student. And it is through these tests and practices that a child learns more, imbibes more and ultimately grows more.