Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning1Learning never exhausts the mind”, said Leonardo Da Vinci. If there was no learning, there wouldn’t have been an evolution. Learning is an incessant process as life continues to bring in new lessons for us throughout our lifetime. There is so much to learn and there is only so much time that we have. Since the younger generation is the torch bearer of our tomorrow, it only makes sense that our education system is strong enough to meet their unrelenting curiosities and the thirst for knowledge. The face of learning in our country has gone through a monumental change in the last decade alone, bringing in technologies to the study table which was not available or practical a decade back. The ink bottles and lined papers are slowly but surely being replaced with the blue screens and tapping fingers.
With Extramarks, the way of imparting education has been simplified to a more efficient, interactive and hassle-free method. Extramarks started in 2009, and have evolved into one of the most revolutionary ways of making learning fun, accessible, personalized and more student-centric. Extramarks has been operating for almost a decade to ensure that all segments of learners are getting the appropriate means of learning fit for their own unique requirement. Let us explore some of the ways Extramarks have contributed to the evolutionary journey of learning:

Never Stop Learning2

Helping little minds grow: Those first few years of a child is the start of a journey of learning which is incredibly monumental, as their minds are highly impressionable at this stage and the right approach makes all difference for a brighter tomorrow. Extramarks Kids Learning caters to the specific learning needs of the toddlers and boosts their vibrant imaginations like never before. Extramarks’ Kids Learning App and Tablet comes pre-loaded with fun-filled applications and games, providing just the right stimulations and challenges to boost their perceptibility.
Spreading faster than ever: With the onset of the digital world, learning has gone through a evolution of its own. Digital devices are more easily accessible to the students than ever before, so it only made sense that learning took a turn towards the digital mediums too. The exponential growth of Extramarks speaks a story in itself. It has claimed its title as a favorite learning app with an app base of over 1.5 million and has managed to influence the lives of around 9 million students across 23 cities, rightfully earning the trust of learners across India. Renowned for their phenomenal digital learning solutions, having partnered with over 9000 schools and being a home to over 2100 employees, Extramarks is not just a learning app now, but a preview to a glorious tomorrow and how education will look like in a few years.
Comprehensive Education: Extramarks discourages the practice of half-knowledge, and emphasizes on providing a holistic education which is not limited to the folds of the notebooks but extends on to the realms of the real life. Apart from the conventional educational knowledge, Extramarks, with their EMILLY App, helps one to learn the English language in an interactive manner, anytime-anywhere, training the learners’ on conversational and formal aspects of communication and vocational training. This 360-degree approach towards learning has helped us reimagine how students learn, providing them with multidimensional learning experiences and leaving them with much more of an impact than just the bookish knowledge.

Never Stop Learning3

Education and beyond: Extramarks believes in assisting the learners through any troublesome situation related to learning which might be encountered. They act like the true north for a confused student looking for some clarity and guidance, while directing them towards the best-suited career path. Not only they help to fulfill a student’s dreams of having fun and scoring high, they also conduct career assessment sessions which are aimed to help them choose the right career path in accordance to their competency and interests.

Edu-tech is the way to go: Extramarks is one of the pioneers in its category to have smart coaching center for smart learning which comes with best-in-class technological infrastructure and learning modules which transform traditional classroom setting into a learner-centric environment. Extramarks also have dedicated Apps for Medical and Engineering Entrance Exam application. They conduct their sessions in 2D and 3D, making learning a fun, interactive and user-friendly phenomenon.

Never Stop Learning4

Learning is no longer a one-way street but is an interactive process fed on a regular diet of feedbacks, evaluations, and tests. Extramarks believes that it is crucial to start the right way of learning earlier in life, and commits to providing a conceptualized solution for everyone within the K-12 bracket in a fun, interactive platform. Being a recipient of multiple awards in just a decade of its existence, the validation of the credibility of Extramarks is only solidified. However, it does not take away from the key focus of the brand: finding solace in imparting knowledge in the most absorbent and effective manner! Extramarks is rebuilding the idea of learning, assuring the students that learning need not be intimidating and can be a stimulating and fun experience too!