The end of class 12th makes everybody anxious about how their careers and futures will connect. Doctors, architects and engineers are till today, amongst the most common career options in science students. Somehow, these traditional choices are what spring to most  minds whenever we think about the two words: science & profession.

But we are in 21st century now. Surely some new options are out there for students? Some exciting ones which keep pace with our times?

The good news is, there are others options like Defence, Research and psychology too.

But, is this actually the end of options?

The answer is a thankful, NO!

We are all aware of how technology is rapidly evolving as well as the vocations related to it. With so many intriguing new fields out there, the science stream provides us a platform for a wide range of professional options.

So, here are a few possibilities that have only recently surfaced but have already made their places significant. Do yourself a favour and explore them.  

Following are the career paths that are Technology Oriented; ideal for individuals who do not wish to engage in the conventional boring engineer work.

1. Robotics: Each one of us was fascinated by robots and remote controlled cars when we were kids. It requires the knowledge of mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer programming, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, and related areas to build and program them.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Most of you have heard the word ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘AI’. AI refers to computer systems that are much like humans in terms of thinking and processing information. The well- known Alexa and Siri are examples of AI. They use the power of machine learning to understand human language and respond to it intelligently. Each of the apps you use on a regular basis, from Zomato to Amazon to Ola, makes use of AI and machine learning to generate quicker, more powerful, and much more customized technologies.

3. Data Science: Amazon easily brings out the recommended or the most viewed product. That’s the role of a data scientist. It involves manipulating raw and unstructured data through analytical, programming, and business skills which help companies to make powerful data driven decisions.

4. App Development: It involves building apps to simplify functioning of businesses. App developers use programming to create software’s that help them achieve their choice of features. Downloading an app from the play store is child’s play but it’s actually the opposite creating one!

5. Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security: With emerging technology, emerges the risks. It would be scary to imagine that some stranger has the access to the private data from your Facebook account. Ethical hacking is important to tackle such situations. An Ethical Hacker is a computer and network expert who attempts to penetrate a company’s own security system to identify weaknesses in it. They help companies improve their Internet security.

 Following are the alternatives that are most ideal for all creative brains out there!

1. Designing: A designer is required to think creatively and produce unique products. It would be boring to read a web page consisting of only text without any pictures. The pictures that bring life to monotonous text are created by graphic designers. Another emerging field related to design is industrial design. The amazing model of a car, a super cool pen etc., are the designs of talented and creative industrial designers. Their job is to make a product physically attractive.

2. Creative writing: All the poets and authors are creative writers. It is also essential in business development as the content is crucial in gaining audience. You should be able to manipulate message to fit specific needs.

 3. Photography: It isn’t just about clicking sunsets or landscapes. It requires a whole lot of knowledge about angles, light, lenses, aperture and so on. You can be a travel photographer, wildlife photographer or even a wedding photographer. If you have passion for photography, this could just be the ideal career for you.

4. Film editing: A lot of effort is required to make a smooth, error free movie. Film editors make sure that even though the movie is made up of small sequences connected together, it shouldn’t look like that. They make sure that the video is well aligned with sound and its effects.

 5. Animation: Youmust have watched Mickey Mouse as a kid. That was the product of animation. Almost all the Disney pictures are animated. An animator manipulates pictures to make them appear as if they are moving. There are different kinds of animations and several ways to do that. In other words, it’s a different world in itself!

6. Digital Marketing: A digital marketer develops strategies for marketing through digital platforms such as e-mails, social media, video advertising etc. You must have expert-level knowledge of e-commerce and should be able to convince the audience through your content.

7. E-Retailing: E-retailing is a platform that allows you to sell your goods and services through the internet. Instead of a confined space where only certain consumers can arrive, e-retailing provides those services to a much larger group of people at the same time. This adds to the feasibility of your business. Amazon and Myntra have changed the way we shop.

 Life satisfaction is closely related to the career path one chooses. Most of you must have heard the ‘usual’ career options. With this write-up, we are making an attempt to acquaint you with most of the emerging fields so that you can make an informed choice towards your career.

So, Explore! Analyse! ….and sift through all the information you can; to align your passion and career into one.

Author: Pooja Madan.