No more boring studies!

blog 11When we ask a majority of the students about studies, all they have to say about it is that it is boring. Have we ever thought about why do they say this and feel this about it? It is definitely something we should all comprehend. Child psychologists have found out that at the nascent stages of their lives, when they are around 5 to 12 years old, children are more attracted towards graphically appealing visions or pictures. It is even during this stage that they grasp things easily and that is why they must be taught with an endeavor to keep things etched in their minds for good.  E-learning can be said to be one such endeavor. Through e-learning children not only gain knowledge and education but they also get to learn in a manner towards which they are attracted to.

Extramarks provides a new-age teaching environment, with smart learning modules which has been adopted by more than 5000 schools in India and abroad. This clearly proves its efficiency and dedication towards a better study environment. The different types of tools involved in this software are so interesting and in fact challenging that students barely get the opportunity to get bored.

For primary classes, which include classes like nursery, KG, I and II, wonderful graphically appealing teaching aids have been designed which makes the studying phase a very interesting one. Both the audio and visual appeal is so catchy and colorful that children get the interest in having more of it. As the age increases the use of more colors and the audio usages also declines. Children from the middle school like from classes V to VIII do not need the graphical images or pictures to lure them to studies, for this age is a matured one and hence the study goes through a certain transformation which is more concept based and intellectual. Providing them with online assessment programs to test their own ability is an added bonus in the software. Children today are competitive and introducing software programs such as these are not only beneficial for the students but also for the teachers and parents. All the scheduling, planning, progress tracking, assessing of the self can be done by the student himself, thus relieving the parents of continuously being at their backs. Furthermore, the students learn to be more responsible and develop a certain self-acclamatory quality that definitely helps in being a better and positive human being.