Online: Every student sits on front row

blog 13As a parent, you are always worried about your child’s performance in school. No matter what, you want your child to be the best in academics. But, just give it a thought; are you giving the best opportunities of education to your child? You are sending your child to the best school but can you really keep a track of what is happening in every teaching period or is your child able to grasp everything in the regular classroom? Yes, it is high time that you start considering all these factors. Being in a tech savvy world you can give your ward the best learning experience through online classes. Regular classroom teaching may be effective but not always, as there are many limitations. Each child cannot get equal attention of the teacher at one point of time and so gets distracted easily. The best solution to this problem is online classes or teaching method where everyone is an active participant and gets personal attention.

What is an online class?

Online class is an environment or a virtual classroom where the learning process continues through computers. The students as well as the instructor communicate through internet using computers. In the aspect of online learning, a student gets the chance to get personalized lessons. The student is given focus on exact arenas where stress is needed. The technological advancement has made this easier with audio visual medium instructions. In many countries it is seen that higher education authorities get a partnership agreed with technology companies to avail the updated online learning courses and reap full advantages of audio visual learning.

Advantages of online classes over regular classroom:

  • It is flexible unlike traditional classrooms.
  • It gives each student personal attention and makes them an active participant in the learning process thus reducing the distractions faced in regular classrooms.
  • Best utilization of time can be done in e-learning as students can again go through the course material and solve the queries in time of need which is hardly possible in a regular class.
  • No one is really a back bencher in online classes.
  • Instant analysis of student development is possible in Online learning unlike regular classes where you have to wait to get the report of your child’s development.

The benefit to learn at your own space and pace –

Online class is not only a virtual class but also can be an e-learning process in which you can use the online learning companies for educational purposes which can make the learning process interesting and enjoyable breaking away the monotony of Regular class room lecture. Get enrolled to Extramarks, the digital education solution that ensures a friendly learning environment for your child. They provide with all the support to transform your child altogether arranging the best of online resources.