Outstanding Natural Wonders of India

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India is a land of incredible beauty – both natural and man-made. Be it the glorious Taj Mahal or the deep and impenetrable Sundarbans, there are innumerable nooks and corners in India which are a traveler’s delight. International tourist inflow to India ranges in millions. A whooping 10 million foreign tourists arrived in India in 2017, a figure 15% higher than the year before.

Most of the tourists, however, throng to the tried and tested places. This World Tourism Day, let us take you on a tour of the lesser known natural wonders of India, which are incredible in their beauty and history of formation. Here we go!

1. Borra Caves
Located in the Ananthagiri Hills of the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh, these caves are an explorer’s dream come true. The deep and mystifying Borra caves were created through the interaction of limestone with water, millions of years ago. These are among the deepest caves in India, where excavations have unearthed tools from middle Paleolithic Age. What this implies is that humans inhabited this area between 30,000 to 50,000 years ago. How awesome is that!

2. Gandikota Canyon
Located in the Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh, the Gandikota Canyon will instantly make you think about the Grand Canyon of USA. Well, turns out, you need not travel that far to be mesmerized. An equally sensational canyon exists right in our backyard and is believed to be more than a thousand years old. The river Pennar flows through the forests canyon and this area also boasts of the Gandikota Fort, thus enhancing touristy joy of this place.

3. Loktak Lake
Loktak is the largest natural freshwater lake in north-eastern India. The Loktak gives shelter to a very unique ecosystem, comprising floating soil, vegetation and organic matter called Phumdi in the local language. From a vantage, these Phumdis look like miniature floating islands, inspiring awe in the eyes of the onlooker. On the south-western part of the lake, you find Keibul Lamjao National Park, which is the world’s only floating national park and home to the Sangai – an indigenous Manipuri deer.

4. Bhedaghat
The marble rocks of Bhedaghat have inspired many a travelers to leave the comforts of their homes and get on an expedition of a lifetime. Located on the banks of river Narmada, at a half hour drive away from Jabalpur, these rocks are remnants of the ancient geology of Madhya Pradesh. Made of limestone, these rocks look like marble and have a soapstone like texture.

5. Reverse Waterfalls
During the monsoons, one can witness a strange, exciting, gravity defying experience at the Sinhagad Fort, located in the Western Ghats, between Kalyan and Ahmednagar. What essentially happens is that water starts flowing upwards during this time due to the high-pressure winds. Tourists enjoy getting drenched while perched atop the waterfall, as water battles with wind and gravity with full might.

Wow! Weren’t those some absolutely unique wonders? India has innumerable more, leaving one capable of being a tourist in India for life!