Perks of Online Study – How Learning Digitally Makes You Better

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Humans are a constantly evolving race. The education sector itself has seen quite some evolution in the recent past, transforming from the conventional classroom model of studying to e-learning or digital learning. Now students can learn from any corner of the world with just an internet connection and a subscription to the right e-learning provider. Online study comes with a set of perks and has proven to be a boon especially during the time of the COVID 19 crisis.

Pandemic or not, online study has its benefits as it makes students more independent while strengthening their self-discipline. Online learning is a lot like conventional classroom learning as you have to complete assigned readings, finish homework, submit assignments, review study material, participate in discussion boards but it lets you study from anywhere. The freedom to be anywhere while studying is what makes it so enticing.

Moreover, learning digitally makes you a better student and helps you reach your goals systematically. Surprised? Learn how!

Communicate with Your Teacher Using Different Ways: In face to face classroom discussions, there is only one way of communicating with your professor. You have to speak up in front of the whole class but digital learning gives you access to a whole lot of other options that you can use to communicate with your instructor. You can talk through live chat or have a telephonic conversation or simply write an email. It is not always convenient for students with speech anxiety to see their teacher face to face so learning digitally presents them with several options that they can use to have a great Q&A session or simply seek feedback on papers or homework through improved virtual communication. Through Extramarks Live Classes, you can get your doubts resolved in a host of ways, just like stated above.

Easier Attendance: There are plenty of conditions that make it tough for students to make it to classes early. Studying online helps you with regular attendance by removing the necessity of physical movement. Due to COVID 19, we have been confined to our homes but in a normal situation where there was no threat of a pandemic, as a student, you can learn from your favorite coffee shop or your favorite spot outdoors depending on your convenience. No need to be confined to a particular physical classroom for the classes as you can be present for the class from anywhere in the world.

Less Pressure: Taking face to face classes means reaching school at a certain time and sitting for lectures back to back. But taking online classes lets you solve the problem by giving you brief breaks in between. This is less intense as you can space your classes out and learn at your own pace. The pressure of taking back to back classes is exaggerated by pending homework and tuitions at home. Studying online helps you study from home without you having to waste time on commuting which in turn lets you manage time better with less pressure.

Better Self-Discipline: Online classes follow a schedule and come with deadlines for homework and worksheets that let students practice self-motivation and self-discipline. Whether you are a school student or a JEE or NEET aspirant, you need to balance a lot of things on your plate along with studying. Online study helps you stay motivated and meet deadlines by practicing self-discipline and better time management while staying engaged through interactive modes of online learning.

Flexible and Accessible: We’ve already discussed how students can attend classes with just a mobile phone or computer with an internet connection but what’s more exciting is that as a student, you can access study material at any time of the day as per your convenience. Learning tools at hand help students employ self-directed learning skills to find what’s useful for their education and evaluate resultant feedback. Not only online study helps you study any time of the day but it also makes you more perceptive and independent.

And that’s not all. As you learn digitally, there are several custom benefits you will discover along the way. Good luck! Make the most of digital learning time 🙂