Preparing for Board Exams – Smart Tips & Solutions

Preparing for Board Exams – Smart Tips & SolutionsMany of you have children who are in that crucial year of their school life when they have to take the board exams. Class X and XII students are often under added stress because of the weightage these exams hold in comparison to other exams and evaluations. It’s important for them to know that, like any other exam, it’s possible to do well by preparing in advance and maintaining good physical and mental health.

Apart from studying regularly, practicing sample papers and revising, there are a few tips that you, as parents and teachers, can use to help your children/students prepare better for the upcoming board exams.

Teach time management. Encourage children to take breaks rather than try to study everything in one go. This way, they will spend more time actually studying and less time trying to focus. Also, while practicing with sample papers, let students write them as they would the real exam – without breaks and within the set time period. Apart from learning the answers, they can also practice how to manage their time and maintain composure during the real exam.

Look out for signs and symptoms. While it is natural for children to be anxious about exams, it’s important to make sure those anxieties don’t become too much to handle. Every child expresses stress differently so keep an eye out for any unnatural behaviour or frequent illnesses, and consult a professional about it if necessary. At the same time, you can ensure that the atmosphere in school and at home is calm and not view exams as the most significant part of their life.

Take special care of children’s health. Apart from the stress that exams bring, they also tend to interfere with children’s eating and sleeping habits. Students often study late into the night and sleep through the morning. They also take caffeinated drinks and eat at irregular times. Ensure your kids are well-rested and that their body clocks are not completely altered so that they are not lethargic during the exams.

Talk and share frequently. Let children know that they can share their thoughts and concerns freely, even if it’s not related to their exams. Talk to them about their efforts regularly and also have conversations about things other than exams. Make an effort to avoid nagging them to study, which could have the opposite effect. As teachers, you can hold regular feedback sessions and discussions to know how they are progressing and help out wherever needed.  Parent-teacher communication should also be kept open to bridge the gap between school and home.

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