Random Unbelievable Facts on Comic Book Characters

BlogHeader_Comic_v0.1Who doesn’t love the world of comics? These highly imaginative characters are a part of the childhood of most. Be it Iron Man, Hulk, Mickey Mouse or Road Runner – most have their favourite and if not, now is not too late to discover.

While earlier, their stories were devoured by flipping through pages, now, all these characters have come alive through graphics and animations, progressively getting better and more fascinating. Through films, tv shows and web-series, these characters form a part of our everyday conversations, but there are some wonderous facts behind their creation which we are scarce aware of. Let’s read some today and marvel!

The strong and angry hulk was originally supposed to be grey!

Immortalized in a green colour, hulk was imagined by its creators in the rather insipid grey. The green colour resulted from a printing malfunction!
Calvin and Hobbes began as side characters!
Calvin and Hobbes, before making appearance in the super-popular comic strips of the same name, featured in another comic strip named In the Doghouse. In this strip, Calvin was the younger brother of the main character who had a stuffed tiger. Bill Waterson, the creator, made all these characters up while working on an advertising job he disliked. Boredom can be creative, dear students.
Wolverine’s mask was created accidentally!
Wolverine is recognized by his blue and yellow mask, but the fact of the matter is, it was created accidentally. Upon his first appearance in comics, he had small ears and whiskers. Ever since he was conceived, his appearance and attire has changed several times.
Neil Gaiman came very close to creating Harry Potter!
A whole seven years before Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published, Neil Gaiman wrote a story with curious similarities to it. This book had an English boy who realizes he is a wizard on his 12th birthday when a magical stranger sends him an owl. Sounds familiar now, doesn’t it?
Donald Duck has made the most Disney film appearances!
Among all of Walt Disney’s babies, Donald Duck has appeared in most films. The duck also happens to be the 5th most published comic character, the first four being Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wolverine.

And that is a wrap for today. Some cool animated characters are also helping Extramarks make learning fun. Do check out our learning videos and tell us which characters you like.