Revision Strategy for NEET 2022

Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to pursue undergraduate courses like MBBS and BDS in their dream medical college. NEET is one of the most difficult competitive exams across the country and thus requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

NEET 2022 is approaching, and you intend to perform well, but do you have all the tools and the right strategy that can help you achieve a good score? While knowing the syllabus is crucial, the benefits of revision and practice cannot be overlooked. It is important to keep the exam pattern and time management in mind with the right preparation strategy.

There are some very fundamental techniques that all aspirants must keep in mind to lay a solid basis for NEET prep. Let us take you through some.

Brush up all the basic concepts

NCERT textbooks are the concrete base for the NEET or any exam. They are proved to be the best books for preparation, so never skip them. Always strengthen your basics and concepts because most of the questions are directly picked from these textbooks. If you are looking for solutions to NCERT textbook questions, Extramarks is your one-stop free source for various competitive exams including NEET.

Practice Mock Tests & Previous years’ papers

The best way to test your knowledge is by practising mock tests or previous years’ question papers. It helps you understand the exam pattern and type of questions.

Revise wisely

During exams, students often study till the wee hours of the morning. We recommend that you make the most of your revision time by using the notes provided by Extramarks experts, which cover all important subjects. Solve previous year’s papers to boost your revision. Create a custom test for yourself on the Learning App once you have finished revising portions of the syllabus to assess how well you can recall and apply what you have learnt.

Break the revision session down into manageable steps

Concentration is crucial when studying for competitive entrance tests like NEET 2022. You should break down your revision sessions into small chains based on their concentration level, with small pauses. Taking a break between revision hours will relax your mind and improve your concentration.

Assess your NEET preparation

Evaluation of NEET 2022 preparation is essential. You can use our tracker to track your progress after revising and solving mock tests or previous year’s question papers. With the help of detailed reports, candidates can quickly know about their weak and strong areas.