Riding the ‘Digital India’ Wave to Transform Education

A Step Towards Digital IndiaCan you imagine a classroom in India where students don’t rely on their text books but use a tablet/smartphone to gain knowledge? Where teachers utilize smart digital boards to impart lesons instead of the chalk-duster-board method? Where parents check the progress of their children at the click of a button? These are not the realms of folklore anymore and we are seeing the realization of these possibilities in education as the wave of ‘Digital India’ takes over the country in a huge way.

Over the last few years, the education landscape in India has been seeing a dramatic transformation with the proliferation of technology; and the bold and ambitious Digital India vision of the governtment of India is providing the inspiration of ushering in a new dawn in education. With the Digital India vision, the governtment seeks to empower every citizen with the benefits of technology and transform India into a digital empowered society and knowledge economy. This opens up a huge opportunity for education in India and has the potential to accelerate the adoption of digital technology in education at a phenomenal rate.

Schools in India are slowly but steadily embracing digital technology and are realizing the huge possibilities it brings to education. Empowering students with digital tools and technology can completely transform their learning experiences – from a passive and classroom-centric learning to a more dynamic, engaging and exciting experience. With the proliferation of technology in education which enables an anytime, anywhere learning environment, learning is now not limited to the classroom alone, but expands beyond the boundaries of typical texbook, teacher-led learning. Digital education helps students break away from the shackles of fixed place learning and drives collaboration-led, self-discovery based learning with innovative digital tools, making it more engaging and enricihng for students.

To achieve this bold objective of digitizing the education landscape in India, there needs to be a concerted effort from all the players in the education ecosystem, including the governtment, private and public organizations. Another key aspect to realizing the Digital India vision in education is the availability and accessibility to innovative technology tools for transforming the learning eperience. And, Extramarks, a pioneer in delivering innovative, 360° digital solutions, is playing a significant role in accelerating the Digital India vision in education through a comprehensive offering of digital learning solutions that transcends the entire teaching-learning experience. Extramarks’ constant endeavour is to provide the best of pedagogy and technology to create an engaging, child-centric teaching-learning environment in classrooms, at home and beyond, and, ultimately create a profound impact in India’s surge towards becoming a digitally empowered country.