Role of Parents in Education amidst Pandemic

Role of Parents in Education amidst Pandemic

With the COVID-19 showing no intention of swaying away anytime soon, the pandemic taught us how to handle a crisis. And we are sure that the lockdown period will bring an opportunity for parents to be engaged in their children lives like never before. The Pandemic crisis has shown us that parents have a bigger role to play in a child’s education. Since the pandemic started, parents are now taking on a more support-oriented role by supporting their children in their studies as well as extra curricular activities. According to a survey 83% of the parents in our survey affirmed that they were actively helping their children learn during the pandemic crisis.

As schools are closed, parents had to take up the role of both parent and teacher. At this testing time, working parents have been trying to figure out the balance between working from home and ensuring their children stay on track with academics. We are all adapting to this new schedule and as crazy and hectic it may seem, it is crucial to support your children with their education during the pandemic as this is a new adjustment for them.

Let’s take a look at how parents can support their children education in the pandemic.

Monitor Your Child’s Learning

One of the essential tips for parents will be to remain updated with their syllabus, homework and tests. Now that classes are conducted online, parents’ involvement in online learning has massively increased. It is also a great opportunity to go through their academic reports with them and support them on their weak areas of the subject.

Keeping in mind the motive of giving parents an ultimate peek into their child’s academic performance, with real-time updates, Extramarks created the Parent EdConnect App. Through this app, parents can learn and understand how their child is spending time on Extramarks – The Learning App and its various offerings like LPT modules, Live Classes, Adaptive Tests and much more.

Role of Parents in Education amidst Pandemic

Ensure that Your Child’s Education Remains Uninterrupted

While schools in the pandemic are shut for an undefined time, it is quite possible that your child’s learning progress might get interrupted. To counter this, Extramarks Education kick-started a new initiative School@Home, under which it provides an array of services. There are live classes available for students and JEE-NEET aspirants, mapped to the latest CBSEICSE and JEE-NEET syllabus. The live classes have been designed to simulate the classroom-like environment and are conducted by expert faculty.

It is safe to say that the future of education is virtual and with initiatives like School@Home that prioritize easy learning at home through efficient ways, Extramarks is surely setting a benchmark for educators across the world.

Share Personal Experiences

Feel free to share your beautiful and unforgiving memories of school days with your children. As a parent, one should always create time for their kids and listen to their positive and negative moments too. This activity will make children comfortable around their parents and will no longer look at them as superhumans that only lead perfect lives. Even Parents reported that while supporting their children’s learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic, they explored different learning solutions for their children, both traditional and modern methods as well as tools.

Role of Parents in Education amidst Pandemic

Rewarding is the Best Policy

Children can perform well in tests or any task if they are appreciated regularly. The involvement of parents in their children’s education is extremely crucial amidst Pandemic, and you should find a way of appreciating your kids every time they bring improved results home. However, parents should be careful about it, as sometimes, children tend to think of it as a bribe for scoring well.

Normalize Failure

Failures help a learner grow and create a safe space for them to take risks. Parents who encourage their kids to constantly try new things fearlessly stand a better chance of raising kids into critical thinkers and innovative adults. Parents Supporting Children’s Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic by ensuring these measures are important to minimize disadvantages faced by children unable to learn effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let Your Child’s Academic Progress Remain Unstoppable with Extramarks

School@Home by Extramarks is one of the best ways through which students can ensure that learning in pandemic remains unhindered while the schools are closed. With this initiative, students can-

  1. Access interactive live classes
  2. Learn from the best faculty in the country
  3. Eradicate the need for costly tuitions
  4. Gain quality education at home
  5. Practice concepts that are assigned based on the syllabus covered
  6. Access all Extramarks apps

Apart from the School@Home initiative, Extramarks also provides doubt solving sessions, recorded video lessons, free NCERT Solutions for class 1 to 12 and a detailed report of the performance.

While you stay at home, we help bring your school home. And we hope that Extramarks’s efforts will surely help students in virtual learning during the pandemic. So, register your children with Extramarks today and help them carry on with their daily routine during these unprecedented times.