Thomas B. Macaulay once said that HALF-KNOWLEDGE IS WORSE THAN IGNORANCE.

In yet another quote by George Bernard Shaw, he said that BEWARE OF FALSE KNOWLEDGE; IT IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN IGNORANCE.

So, what is Half-Knowledge or False Knowledge? And why is it worse than ignorance?

Our education system has for long been following the rote-based learning system. So, let’s find out if a student actually benefits from this.

Ziva and Preet are two students appearing for the 12th boards. While Ziva has been working hard, rote learning all the information in prescribed textbooks, Preet is stuck with her usual schedule of fun and play. Preet barely studies couple of hours a day, merely a week before the exams, while Ziva mugs away as if her life is dependent on it. And finally the D-day arrives. Ziva and Preet write their exams. However, when the results are announced, Ziva, despite putting in many hours of hard work, manages to only scrape through, while Preet scores top honours.

Ziva could virtually be any student in any school in our country, spending long hours studying and still not being rewarded with fruitful results. A lot of us have faced the issue of forgetting answers that we have revised and re-revised over a 100 times while writing our exams. Ever wondered why we fail to recollect or why we just remember bits and pieces of answers that we have revised over a 100 times?

As per the results of a nationwide survey conducted by EZVidya, 80% of principals believe the prominence of rote-learning to be the cause behind the poor quality of education systems.

So, where does rote learning or mugging up as it commonly known as originate from?

While few credit the origination of rote learning to the traditional practice of memorizing religious texts. Another section states that it was a method brought about by British during colonial rule to suppress critical thinking among people. Either way, rote learning has over the time become an indispensable element of the Indian education system. While there is a section of Indians who have attained success regardless of this system, in today’s competitive and technologically smart world, being able to recall information is not enough when everything is instantly available to anyone with a smart device.

A study conducted by WIPRO found that rote learning was dominant in the country’s top schools as well. Our obsession with rote learning will only take a back seat, if we have stronger leadership in our education system and schools. And Extramarks strives to be that leader to create a shift from ‘administration’ to ‘leading learning’. Our solutions are designed to ensure that the teaching process accelerates a comprehensive understanding of each subject so that each child in each classroom is equipped with the ability to process information and apply it in exams and in practical life as well.

In our current education scenario, teachers tend to convey information in the easiest way possible by writing on the board or reading out from a book, while students blindly copy it. This is often one of the major causes of rote learning in students. To get rid of the obsession with rote learning, schools must introduce systems that support teachers to plan not only what information they will present to students but also how the students will engage with that information.

Total Learning™ by Extramarks, is an initiative that is focused on eradicating rote learning to develop an in-depth understanding about each concept in students through an easy, engaging and effective method.

Why Total Learning™?#SayNoToHalfKnowledge

Students across the globe are challenged by the lack of engaging learning resources and proper pedagogy, which leads to lesser retention and half-knowledge. Half-knowledge not only leads to boredom and stress, but also slows down a student’s journey towards being job-ready.

A recent survey of 200 Indian and foreign companies revealed that only 14% of Indian graduates were prepared for the workforce, as most graduates were incapable of applying their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Total Learning™, by Extramarks is an answer to this very challenge.

What is Total Learning™?

Total Learning™ is a comprehensive learning method with a 3-pronged approach of Learn. Practice. Test. Powered by state-of-the-art technology and expert-curated content; it helps students’ combat half-knowledge and thereby gain:

  • A thorough understanding of each concept
  • Better retention of concepts for longer periods of time
  • Fun and engaging learning experience

When living in a smart world, why not study the smart way?

Download the Extramarks app now and adopt a personalized, engaging and comprehensive learning experience.