Smart Cities and Education

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In sync with Prime Minister’s Modi’s vision of modern India and digitization initiative, the latest development is the proposal of Smart City. Nation-wide, real-estate developers are expected to invest Rs. 4500 crore in order to develop residential and commercial complexes within the Gujarat International Finance Tech-City (GIFT) project which is being developed as the country’s first smart city near Gandhinagar in Gujarat. The project is headed by a large real estate conglomerate Hiranandani Group and has been allotted an area of 2, 50, 000 square feet.

Education, being an integral component of our day to day lives, assumes a seminal role in the creation of Smart cities and localities. The concept of smart learn classes and gadgets bears high relevance in the ICT plan and layout of the localities.

Extramarks is an organization that has been transforming and continually innovating in the arena of Digital or so to say Smart Education. The company has been striving to append the word smart to its products not just in language but also functionally. The concept of smart education can be exemplified by the series of Extramarks products that bear the name Smart Learn Class, Smart Study Pack, Smart Study Tab, Smart Study App, Smart Learn Modules and have been named so much before the idea of Smart City was conceived.

These offerings have been carefully aimed at mitigating the mundane aspects of traditional education through state of the art technology usage. The institutional offerings like Smart Learn Classes and Classroom Tablet Programs are responsible for emancipating students from the burden of redundant clerical tasks and concentrate on education only. Personalized learning offerings like Smart Study Pack, Smart Study Tab and Smart Study App emulate the same environment anytime anywhere thus rendering education asynchronous. The company was born out of a mission, much before the concept of Smart City and the incumbent governments Digital India campaign, to revolutionize the society with proper usage of technology. Extramarks targeted education sector as it deems education as the most critical drivers of society and is on the verge of becoming the Smart Education partner of the Smart City thereby pioneering Smart Education campaign.