Smart Ways to Outrank in CBSE Board Exams


With admissions becoming difficult and increased parental pressure, children develop stress with CBSE Board Exams approaching. Beyond a certain point, stress hampers the performance of the child. Such situations can easily be avoided if the preparation for the boards has been consistent over the last one year leading up to the exam day.

Preparation for Board Exams is no big deal. There is no doubt that one has to put in a lot of hard work, sincerity and dedication to achieve great scores but there also has to be a smarter way of studying so that your efforts translate into performance. There is another challenge of picking up the right CBSE notes & study material online or offline as there are plenty available on the plate. For an extensive practice session and to have a fair idea of the format of your CBSE board papers, you can check CBSE board papers provided by Extramarks. These sample papers would also help you with the CBSE marking scheme in accordance to how much should one write.

Tips to crack the CBSE Board Exams with great scores

  • Plan smartly-Make sure you invest proper amount of your time to every subject supported by your proficiency and also the quantity of the course of study
  • Solve past year’s question papers- Solve at least 10 previous year’s question papers to get an idea of the CBSE Board question paper’s pattern and popular questions. Stress on important points- Memorization of important points and formulae are important so by heart them by reading it repeatedly
  • Study in a group, once in a while- This will help you clear your doubts by your friend who might help you solve questions that you might not know. You can form a group here
  • Consult your mentors for doubts- Never hesitate to ask your mentors for help. They can guide like no one. You can connect your mentor here

Lastly, take it easy! Keep calm and be consistent. Success is not that far!