Study the Smart way – not the hard way

blog 17It has been observed that spending too many hours trying to memorize from a textbook does not necessarily fetch you great results.

Apparently, many fellow students who spend relatively spend lesser time with books achieve a better score sheet. This is why studying smart is more important than studying hard. There is always a need of effective management of time that you spend for your studies so that you realize what is important and what is unnecessary, what needs to be paid more attention to Being on target and utilizing your time with a proper plan in front will help you achieve more in less amount of time.

The following steps will help you to study in a smart and better way.


The first step towards being a smart learner is good preparation. You need to make a sensible and calculated approach rather than diving into the related topics. It would be wise if you can prepare a plan sheet specifying all the details such as exam dates, things to do list, the best books to follow and identifying references. You need to quickly go through your books and notes and identify the crucial parts and summarize them so that during exams you can easily point them out. This would save time during exams preventing you from going through the whole passage. This way you can let go a huge amount of useless information and bang on your target.


Spending long hours in studying is not considered very scientific. Make gaps after a stretch of about 2 hours. This helps in releasing pressure and prepares you for the next half. The most important part is to give 110% concentration during this stretch. It’s better to have rock solid session even if it’s for only half an hour rather than dragging on with the same thing for the whole day with very little effectiveness.

Studying smart

Now comes the most important part of all. We need to recognize one simple thing, understanding is much more important than memorizing. Learning your materials by heart is a mechanical thing, which consumes huge amount of time. Huge amount of students commonly practice this in order to get on with their exams. However, with the passage of time as one reaches the higher level of the education system, understanding your study material and applying your learning in real life becomes more important. Extramarks Smart Study Pack is one such tool, which will guide you to be a smart student and achieve success in life.