#ThankATeacher with Extramarks – Tell us about your favourite teachers!


Teachers are the architects of a student’s life; they build society, nations and inspire masses. Everyone has a favourite teacher, that one teacher who steps into multiple roles like philosopher, friend, guide and mentor and plays them like they were meant to do it.

You must have a teacher who motivated you against all odds to give every opportunity your best shot, who went above and beyond their duties to keep you going and rage against the dying light, the one teacher who transformed you into the wonderful human you are today. Teachers serve as much more than just teachers – they become role models for their students!

Teachers give us strength in time of need, push us forward in the right direction and show us the way like a guide. They teach us, sculpt us into responsible human beings and form the foundation for our happy lives. When in need, teachers are always there to instill confidence within us and give us the right advice. And, they don’t play favourites, all students occupy a place in their hearts.

Teachers are indeed special! So, this Teachers’ Day, we thought of doing so something special for our teachers. So, take at trip down the memory lane and win a chance to be featured on Extramarks!

#ThankATeacher with Extramarks – Participate Now!

  1. Tell us about your favourite teachers through a short video made on your phone or through old photographs (accompanied by a write up on the memory).
  2. These videos and photos can be sent to us through
  3. Email: connect@extramarks.com
  4. Social Media: Upload, tag @extramarks, and use #ThankATeacher in the caption.
  5. Last day to send in entries- 5th September.

Some guidelines to help you shoot:

  1. Shoot in a space which is noise-free
  2. Keep the background uncluttered
  3. Keep the video duration up to 60 seconds
  4. Shoot the video in ‘Landscape’ mode

This is the time to thank you mentors for all that they have done for us and win exciting rewards while you relive some beautiful memories with us. Participate and send us your entry by September 5th!