The Benefits of Online Learning


Technology Revolution has taken us by storm. The education sector itself has seen quite some evolution in the recent past, transforming a traditional classroom to online or digital learning. Students can now learn from anywhere across the globe with just an internet connection and a subscription to the right e-learning provider. Online learning has its perks especially during the time of global crisis, COVID 19.

Pandemic or not, online learning has definitely made students more independent and self-disciplined. E-learning is similar to conventional classroom learning as you have to complete homework, participate in discussions, practice papers but it lets you study from anywhere and anytime.

How do Online Learning Benefits Students?

Online learning makes you a better student and helps you systematically reach your goals. Surprised? Learn how!

Added flexibility

Time is a luxury for any student. Online classes allow students to learn live- anytime and anywhere. Learning tools at hand help students employ self-directed learning skills to seek out what’s useful for his or her education and evaluate resultant feedback. Not just this, with Extramarks, you can access study material offline as well.

Learn at your own pace

Studying online allows you to take short breaks in between classes and learn at your own pace. The pressure of taking back to back lectures is exhausting and doesn’t let you focus on one thing at a time. But taking online classes lets you solve the problem with better time management and less pressure.

Immediate learning

Some students are shy to raise their hands and clear their doubts during a class. Their doubts get multiplied and affect their learning progress drastically. With online classes, you can clarify your doubts at any time. Features like personalized learning and live classes will help you to build a rapport with the teacher, and ask your doubts to resolve them quickly without waiting!

Comfortable for everyone

There are a lot of conditions that make it difficult for students to make it to classes early. Online learning helps you attain full attendance as you don’t have to travel from one place to another. Because of COVID 19, we have been restricted to our homes yet in an ordinary circumstance where there was no danger of a pandemic, as a student, you can gain attendance from the comfort of your home. No need to be restricted to a classroom for attendance as you can be available for the class from anywhere on the planet.

Lighter on pockets

Online classes are economical as compared to offline tuitions or coaching classes. When you opt for online learning, you don’t have to travel anywhere after you come back from school. And what’s the harm if you get a top-quality education sitting at home? Online classes are inexpensive, moreover, you will get to learn from the best teachers across the country.

Best online guidance with live classes

Online Live Classes by Extramarks are conducted by subject experts and are turning into a top pick with students of all classes. These live classes are radiated right to your homes – keeping up top norms of education in all corners of the country. You can enjoy learning wherever and whenever you want. With adaptive teaching and interactive learning, we try to bridge the gap between students and teachers. Extramarks ensure that we put in 200% efforts for our students through updated curriculum mapped learning, as per major Boards of the country.

Detailed reports

Just learning is not enough. Putting your knowledge to the test and knowing how well you are performing is also important to know where you are standing in terms of preparation. Extramarks provides you with an in-depth performance report, which focusses on your strong and weak areas, time management skills, chapter-wise mastery and much more.

All subjects in one place

With Extramarks, you get a one-stop solution for all subjects and all classes. Many e-learning platforms specialise in a specific course or subjects, but this is not the case with Extramarks. Here, you get everything that you need for every subject to learn and prepare the best for your exams from the best teachers.

Education at your fingertips

Nowadays education is available at your fingertips- you just need the internet and a device. While you learn from the comfort of your home, your parents can also keep a track of your progress.

JEE & NEET Preparation

If you are aiming to crack engineering and medical entrance exams, Extramarks got you covered with IIT-JEE and NEET preparation. JEE Prep App and NEET Prep App are created by experts who have produced several top ranks over the past many years. So, crack the exams with confidence.

And that’s not all. As you study online, there are several custom advantages you will discover along the way. Good luck! Make the most of online learning time.