The Incredible Extramarks Journey

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Not too long ago in time, teachers were using the same traditional chalk-and-board mode of teaching. Lessons were being read out from text books and students were still memorizing much of their learning content without developing a deep understanding of it. However, in the past some time, the education domain has witnessed a sea change. It would, in fact, be apt to term this change as no less than a revolution. And standing proudly at the forefront of this revolution, is Extramarks.

Extramarks has played a significant role in creating a highly digitized and accessible landscape of education, as is witnessed today. It was founded on the Vision to make quality education available to each last consumer, which was dynamic, up-to-date and result-oriented. It strived to break through the inherent constraints in the conventional eco-system of education and introduce a technology-enabled world of learning.

Overcoming the Challenges

Even though they are the only constant in life, changes are not always welcome, or easy. Extramarks had to wade through many roadblocks in order to bring a change in the age-old teaching system and that too on such a large scale. There was a sharp reluctance on the part of schools to part with their tried and tested methods of teaching. Since, technological integration in education was a relatively recent phenomenon, installing a virtual classroom or teaching through animations seemed alien to many.

Firmly believing in its offerings, Extramarks adopted a step-by-step approach to make inroads into the schools and gain their approval, interests as well as engagement. The initiative of entering a relatively unexplored territory and the success of its services catapulted Extramarks to the top of the digital education industry. Extramarks branched out to other countries and introduced more innovative products and services, constantly working to improve its offerings as well as staying abreast with latest advancement.

From toddlers to beyond school students, Extramarks educates all. Extramarks has launched learning Apps for Engineering (IIT-JEE) and Medical Test Prep (AIIMS, NEET), spoken-English app for Hindi-speaking audience and Smart Coaching Centres for competitive examinations.

With so much to offer, Extramarks now enjoys the confidence of  millions of users and 1800 + employees in 5 countries – India, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia and Middle East.

The company firmly believes the journey has only but begun, and there are many more milestones yet to be accomplished, and many more territories yet to be traversed to completely harness the potential that Ed-Tech domain contains.