The VFX Era Of Learning


The 21st century learners live in a very dynamic world. They are in direct contact with technology and social media, making it imperative for educators to adapt to their needs. Their minds need more stimulation to respond to any kind of content. So, it is important to evolve with the changing times to make learning fun, interactive, and equally engaging.

But, how is this possible? We, at Extramarks, enhance their learning experience by adding rich visuals to each topic. Various tools and techniques enrich their visual learning journey and stokes their imagination, wherein, they see gadgets, graphs, and theories in full action.

Let’s learn more about it in this post.

How is learning made fun?

Our modules are made by integrating latest technologies, including VFX, to generate a more exciting and wholesome learning experience. VFX, short for Visual Effects, uses cutting-edge technology to create videos bursting with life. They are closer to reality and have the craft to bring any boring topic to life. Just imagine, studying Pythagoras Theorem from a book versus studying it from an animated video. The former will leave students with no option but to resort to mugging-up P2+B2= H2, whereas, the latter will first show ‘why’ the theorem is important and then break it down to explain ‘how’ it works.

 Why is it effective?

With enough research to support this cause, it is a proven fact that our mind processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. 60,000 times! To prove this point, let’s take the example of studying a complex topic like Projectile Motion. Without animated visuals, the student will be burdened with heavy terms like – Trajectory, Downward Acceleration of Gravity, and Velocity – without really understanding how it works. But, with Extramarks, the students can see how a football being kicked in the air follows a certain path and how Projectile Motion comes into play. The visuals of the Projectile (football) and the Trajectory (the path it follows) will be etched in their minds forever, leaving them with no doubts.

Why do students love it?

It’s simple, aesthetically pleasing, and mentally stimulating. Students these days are exposed to technology from a very young age and to get them hooked on to black-and-white textbooks is an impossible task. Thereby, it is only logical to talk in a tone they understand. The AR and VR techniques will not only engage their minds but also eliminate their phobias associated with learning. Even topics like Orbital Velocity will be understood within minutes. It won’t be just formulas and theories on paper, but, an extensive video that will show how a satellite orbits the Earth in space. What will be the right amount of force that will keep the satellite of mass ‘m’ orbiting the Earth where gravitation also has a role to play? Videos and fun learning, so what’s not to love here?

VFX is, therefore, a clear winner in the battle against rote learning. It is here to stay and it is revolutionising the way students see learning. This change is happening at an unprecedented rate and it is here to eradicate the fear of learning. So, make sure that you are with us on this extraordinary journey of redefining learning.