Tips and tricks to score 600+ in NEET

How to score 600+ in NEET

NEET is among the most popular entrance exams in India. It’s an all-India level medical entrance examination conducted by the National Testing Agency. It is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India, and tests students on their intelligence, reasoning, problem-solving skills, and knowledge in subjects, namely physics, chemistry, and biology. 

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a single entrance examination for admission to undergraduate MBBS, BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), and BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) courses in Medical colleges and institutes in India. If not prepared, it can be an extremely tough exam. And that’s the reason why the majority of students fail to crack it. 

This blog post will help you understand how to score 600+ in NEET. It contains the best NEET cracking tips and tricks along with best practices for high marks. 

Start your NEET preparation early

What you should understand is that NEET is quite a tough exam, and if you start preparing for it in the last leg (i.e., one month before NEET), then your chances to get high marks are next to nil. You need at least 12 months to prepare well for NEET.

So what should be done?

Well, the first thing you should do is look for learning assistance whether online or offline. If you want to study at your own pace, go for an online mode of learning like NEET Prep App by Extramarks.  

The next step should be to organize mock tests on a regular basis so you can assess your performance throughout the year and accordingly plan out the effort that needs to go into each subject area for improving your weak areas.  Here are some tips to help you learn how to score better in NEET: 

1. Set Realistic Goals

It’s only human to have high expectations. NEET is a tough exam, and you will need all the help that you can get during your NEET preparation period. So, it’s important for students to set realistic goals.

Not everyone gets 600+ marks on their first attempt itself, but there is no reason why one should give up without even trying! Set small goals like completing easy chapters and topics before moving onto bigger ones later on, with time management skills improving over months of practice.

2. Know The Syllabus

In order to score 600 in NEET, you need to answer 150 questions correctly. Thus, it is important to know the NEET syllabus. 

The questions are asked from subjects like physics, chemistry, biology. That’s why you need to make sure that your knowledge of all these sections is up-to-date before attempting the NEET 2022 exam. 

In addition, one should also focus on building speed and accuracy simultaneously while practicing mock tests under timed conditions. The best way would be to go through previous years papers to get an insight into NEET exam pattern.

3. Improve Your Weak Areas 

NEET is a one-of-a-kind entrance exam. Since it tests students’ understanding and knowledge of topics, you need to identify your weak areas and focus more time and effort on improving those particular sections. 

It will be helpful if NEET aspirants start solving previous year question papers as well as mock tests under timed conditions. Dedicated preparation throughout the academic year helps aspirants score 600+ marks. Also, get the list of the most Important topics to cover in NEET Preparation and increase your chances of scoring high in the Exam.

4. Take Mock Tests

NEET aspirants should take mock tests regularly to understand the exam pattern and identify weak areas and work on them with time as the examination date approaches. Take as many tests as possible to get a hold of the type of questions to expect during your exam.  

Extramarks offers more than lacs of questions on NEET that a student can practice before they sit for NEET. Practising these questions and mock tests will help you gain insight into the exam pattern and develop speed and accuracy. Along with the mock tests, Extarmarks also offers a detailed analysis of your performance which will give you an insight into how you’re doing prep-wise and get you to practice your weak areas. 

5. Be Consistent

Finally, NEET aspirants must remember to be consistent throughout the preparation period. This means that you need to dedicate at least 12 months of time and effort during NEET exam preparations and not leave any stone unturned in making sure that you give your best shot on the day of NEET 2022 examination. 


Remember, it’s all about having a strong willpower and determination towards achieving NEET goals! Don’t let negative thoughts come into play since these could demotivate students from giving their 100% for NEET 2022.

Always keep yourself motivated by looking forward to success rather than focusing on failure or negativity, which is bound to happen once in a while when following a rigorous study. Most of all, prepare smartly, practice regularly and make a timetable to allot equal time to all chapters.