Tips for Mastering Math – 6 tips

blog 5Math is perhaps the most crucial subjects in Indian education system. The significance of Math is evident by the sheer number of students opting for Math tuitions. Many online tutorials are gaining recognition for Vedic Math and other after-school Math programs. A huge chunk of tuition industry is driven by tuitions for NCERT solutions for Class 10 and Class 12 Math.

Scientifically, Math skills form an important constituent of basic intelligence and reasoning. While this expertise comes naturally to certain children with specific traits, it has been seen that these skills are dependent more on practice. However, this burdens parents with the humongous responsibility of engaging children with Mathematics.

A large number of online tutorials offer free access to NCERT solutions for Class 10 Math and Class 12 Math. However, good online tutorials for Math ensure that Mathematics education is best conceived by the students and for the students to better understand the tidbits. Here are few tips for students to master Math at school.

1. Calculations

While calculation is not Math and Math is not calculation, it is one of the most critical elements in logic and decision making. Excessive reliance on technology for computation has weakened this skill in western countries and poses a threat to Indian education system also.

However, resurgence of ancient techniques like Vedic Math and various scientifically developed interventions ensure proficiency in calculation.

2. Real life examples

Understanding and relating to abstract concepts is an esoteric quality that is perhaps intrinsic to few learners only. However, the art of Math pedagogy lies in the expertise in explaining concepts by relating to real life tangible examples.

3. Visualization

Technology can be and is optimally used by quality teaching solutions to augment reality so as to enable students visualize problems and solutions. Subjects like trigonometry and geometry need to be imparted through visualization only.

4. Practice

Practice is considered to be the most critical element in enforcing learning. However, in Mathematics, practice is the most important element. A good practice exercise is hierarchical in nature and leads student from easy to difficult level subtly.

5. Gamification

Gamification is one of the most desired elements, especially in Mathematics exercise in the time of e-learning and m-learning. Math games need to be carefully curated to allow practice and visualization at the same time. A gamified platform enables asynchronous and inadvertent learning wherein students’ proficiency is elevated without engaging the student in long learning interventions.

6. NCERT solutions

NCERT books and its questions cover the whole concept comprehensively. If a student is well versed with NCERT solutions for Class 12 Math and Class 10 Math, he/she can be assured of high scores in board exam. However, online tutorials may be helpful for more practice if student wants to excel in competitive exams.