Tips to Maintain Balance between School and Work

blog 7Education and schooling are one of the most important concerns in the contemporary times. Rapid computerization has added new dimension to education and pedagogy. Various learning paradigms like online classes, digital learning, online tuitions, and online education portals have evolved. These alternate online education portals (online classes, online tuitions) have become prevalent to such an extent that students find it tough to carve out a schedule and plan their studies.

Owing to various disruptive effects of technology, it has become very tough for students to manage time and study wholeheartedly and devotedly. While online tutoring or online classes are often marketed as perfect remedy as it engages children into education with hardware devices. However, simple online education platforms that reproduce traditional classroom into a computer or mobile screen are little or not at all effective. Also, managing time between studies and sports gets very tough for children who have natural inclination towards outdoor activities.

For parents or mentors in general, teaching your children the skill of time management is the best possible technique. A benefit that online classes or online tuitions offer is that these free students from time barriers. However, this benefit may not be as lucrative to many students as their needs are different.

For students to manage time, online education portals are not sufficient if these do not meet the learning requirements of various types of learners. Different types of learners include visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic learners. A foolproof online learning platform targets the learning needs of all types of learners and strengthens concept retention through multimode explanation.

Extramarks learning solutions offers digital learning which comes in form of online classes or online tutoring as well as offline through SD cards mounted on hardware devices. Extramarks enables time management to all the categories of learners as the learning solutions have shortest time learning supplements for all kinds of learners. Extramarks Smart Study Pack offers online education platform which includes online tutoring through self-paced animated lessons as well as game based recreational engines for accelerating the pace and duration of concept retention. Extramarks Smart Study Tab recreates the same learning environment offline. Extramarks learning solutions offer excellent time management tools as it minimizes the time for acquainting students to new concepts.