Tips to Prepare for CBSE Board Exams 2021 with Extramarks


It is that crucial time of the year again – the Board Exams are here! And this time, the Boards are going to be very unique, compared to those held before 2021. All traditional wisdom for the 10th and 12th Boards needs to be revisited. After all, it is not each year that we see an entire academic calendar play out in the digital environment. Academic Session 2020-21 opened up severe challenges, but along came the undercurrent of excitement at trying something new. Technology was the enabler and saviour for learning, and we were glad for how schools, students, teachers and even parents adapted to the new digital pedagogy, ensuring continuity in learning even in the face of this dark pandemic.
It may be scary for some to prep for Boards in the absence of in-school assistance but hey, you’ve all come so far. Only a few measured steps more, and it won’t be difficult to ace boards, the way you’ve aced every challenge which has been bowled your way in the past year.
Read on to find the best tips and tricks for Board Exam 2021 prep:

Begin Early and Get to Know the Exam Pattern Well

1. Create a tactical plan of action – a good timetable will make the preparations easy
Even though this year there will be a reduced syllabus for the Boards, it doesn’t mean you can be lenient or complacent. You still need to plan ahead and start early. January has already passed, and there are around 3 months left for preparation. What you need is a firm grasp on all fundamental concepts, without compromising on your health, happiness and sleep routine.
Start your preparation with Extramarks – The Learning App which has interactive study modules, previous year’s solved board papers, NCERT solutions and instant query resolution mechanism. You can learn well and practice to your heart’s content to get ready for the Boards.

2. Strengthen Fundamentals and Break Down Syllabus into Achievable Targets
Your textbooks are indeed your Bible. Leave no definition, no example, no question out of your sight. Thoroughly understand concepts, revise theorems and practice diagrams. Should you find it difficult to comprehend a topic or concept, login to your Extramarks account and find simple visual modules with comprehensive coverage of each topic, mapped to CBSE and ICSE curricula. Math and Science are thought of to be tough, but it doesn’t mean you can afford to lose focus on languages. Remember, your holistic performance matters, and that can only be achieved through holistic learning and preparation.

3. Make Your Own Timetable
Proper planning is absolutely necessary to achieve a big score. So, don’t forget to make a timetable for your board preparation. Prioritize which subjects and concepts you need to study first and then divide your time blocks. Make sure you align some time to solving practice papers and sample papers. Also, it is important to freshen up, so your timetable should have some allowance for walks, recreation and steady timings for food and sleep. Positive environment for preparation will lead to positive outcomes in exams.

Practice, Practice, Practice
There are several benefits of solving sample papers and previous years’ papers. Every subject has certain vital topics and sections from which, conventionally, a majority of the questions are derived. Once you start practicing sample papers and previous years’ papers, you will get a hold of frequently asked sections and therefore, get more exam ready.

Keep Testing Yourself with Sample Papers
By attempting these sample papers and timing your tests, you will be able to practice in a manner that will mimic the real-time board environment, thereby helping enhance your time management skills.

Go Through Previous Years Papers
Extramarks gives you access to solved board papers from previous years and several sample papers and practice questions that can be used by students to prepare for the board exams. Attempting these papers will teach you time management, help you gain exam confidence, and revise frequently asked topics.

Clear All Your Doubts
Remember, doubts can derail prep! Clear them all by talking to Alex, or deeply revising all your textbook concetps.

Don’t Forget the Important of NCERT Text Books
Don’t get lost among the pages of the reference books so much that you compromise on NCERT based study. Your NCERT subject textbooks are your foundation, and must be the first to be studied.

Take Notes
Make your own notes while studying. These are vital for quick revision and help you revisit concepts with ease.

Revise on all days, everyday!
Each day is precious for your Board prep. Don’t be lax. Don’t compromise on precious time. Use each day for serious revision.

Take Breaks
Without recreation and rejuvenation, you may burn out! And we don’t want that to happen now, do we? Take breaks at regular intervals and keep yourself motivated.

Calm Your Nerves and Communicate
Does thinking of exams make you panic? Throw panic, stress and anxiety out of the door, and if they persist, communicate with a teacher, parent or any elder you trust. Make sure your study plan is not built for burn-outs. Your mind and body need rejuvenation to absorb and retain learning better. And in case of persistent stress, it is advisable to take an elder into confidence and talk it out. Remember – no problem is insurmountable. Keep yourself motivated and make sure you enjoy the process of preparation!
In times as crucial as these, Extramarks has your back! We’re only a tap away from assisting you in all your Board Exam needs – be it solving papers, revising concepts or even taking a break (well, you can play a fun round of quiz). And of course, if you have queries, Alex will be happy to fetch answers instantaneously for you.
Hope you have a great season of study. All the best for your Boards!