Tips to Secure Top 100 Rank in JEE Main 2022

Tips to secure top 100 rank in JEE mains 2022

Who would not like to secure the JEE Main rank under the top 100? Or maybe even better, JEE Advanced rank under the top 10? Well, it is never too early to start preparing for JEE 2022. But how to score good marks in JEE Main? It is a common question that JEE aspirants ask themselves. 

JEE Main is the gateway for getting admission to one of the top engineering colleges of India, and many students aspire to get into these institutions. The JEE Main consists of 3 subjects, namely – Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Each subject requires different levels and approaches to preparation. 

We have jotted down some tips to help you prepare for JEE Main 2022 and secure a good rank at the same time.

Study with concentration

JEE Main is a competitive exam that requires you to be at your best. So, you should study with utmost concentration. If your mind isn’t entirely focused on the subject, then the chances of mistakes increase. Not only does this affect your performance but also causes wastage of time and energy. 

Set your target periodically

Setting a JEE Main target can help you track your progress. It will also motivate and encourage you to work towards achieving the set goals. Set JEE Main target every month rather than daily or yearly. If you start setting JEE Main 2022 targets daily, then chances are that it might not be achievable as you have to study, prepare, and work on the questions, and this takes time. Setting realistic monthly goals will help you divide the months into smaller parts, thus making it easier to reach your goal. Also, know ways to strengthen the basics for the IIT-JEE Exam Syllabus with us.

Start with difficult topics

Start JEE Main preparation with difficult or complex topics. Tackle mathematics and physics at the advanced level, and make a note of the exceptions in Chemistry, as it will help you build a strong foundation for JEE Main 2022 preparations. Once you have completed learning difficult topics, move towards other topics to complete the JEE Main syllabus. Extramarks through its Live Classes and doubt solving sessions ensure the toughest of concepts become simple and easy to understand. 

Prepare notes for each chapter

During your JEE Main preparation, you will learn many new concepts. It is crucial to write notes for all the topics covered during the classes because it becomes easier during revision time before the examination. It is comparatively a better approach than going through the books when feeling lost.

Analyze your mistakes

JEE Main preparation requires you to solve questions daily to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze the reason behind every mistake made and work towards resolving them. This will help in building skills such as speed-reading and accuracy. When you analyze your mistakes, you can identify the areas where your JEE Main preparation requires improvement.

Study according to your schedule

The biggest mistake students often make while preparing for JEE Main is that they study according to the number of hours. This is not the right approach at all.  JEE Main preparation requires you to work hard and put in consistent efforts. Aspirants need to remember that it is not about how much time they spend on practising but the quality of practice sessions. You must keep your JEE Main 2022 exam date in mind while studying so you can know how much time to spend on preparation based on how many days you have left. Check out the JEE Main preparation timetable that you can refer to and create your own JEE Main timetable. 

Revision is the key

Preparing for JEE Main 2022 requires you to learn and practice as many questions as you possibly can. We suggest you use your revision time judiciously. Use the notes for your revision. Amplify your revision time by solving previous years’ papers and practice papers. Once you finish revising chunks of the syllabus, create a custom test for yourself on the app and see how well you can retain and apply knowledge.

Solve previous years’ question papers and Mock Test

Do you know the most effective way to test your knowledge? Practise as many Mock Tests or previous years’ papers as you possibly can. This study exercise will develop higher confidence, help you gain problem-solving skills, and help you improve on your weak areas. In addition, it will familiarize you with the paper pattern and help build time management skills. 


The JEE Main requires students to put in a lot of effort, hard work, and dedication towards the subjects. If you follow these tips, you will be able to achieve a good rank in JEE Main.