Towards a Greater Learning Curve – Tips and Tricks to Start Academic Year 2018-19 on the Right Note!

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Are you exhausted after the exams? Or are you the one who is raring to go back to school and eagerly open the new books? Was the last year’s result satisfactory? Or are you still trying to pull yourself up to the level of self-set expectations?

Whichever above category you might belong to, if you are a school student, now is an important bend in your life, since another fresh year of learning is beginning. There are many anxieties and joys associated with this new start, and in order to make it a balanced journey ahead, here are some tips and tricks Extramarks would like to share with you – little acts which might make your learning curve leap higher from where it already stands.

While last year is behind us, it is always a good idea to take a breezy walk down the past and figure out the highlights and learning gaps. Did you realize you were good at academics but your time management skills were poor? Did you think your Social Studies knowledge was poorer compared to Mathematics acumen? Are you going to focus more on Communication skills and ace all competitions this year? Your goals for the future come from learnings of the past.

2. SET GOALS and a GAME-PLAN for Realizing them
Once you have taken a walk through the past year, and realized areas of work and improvement, now is the time to translate them into hard goals for the coming year. Keep in mind the necessity of setting up measurable goals. And while academic achievement needs to be an important aspect, don’t forget to work on your health and soft skills.
Trivia – If you are availing the Extramarks Learning Apps, an in-built tracker will help you monitor the progress of your academic goals in real time. Learn to use this service with wisdom and see a marked improvement in your grades.

With the kind of resources and opportunities available to the children of the day, there is much that can be pursued, but in very limited time. Hence, understanding how much time we have and using it judiciously is imperative. Lay down a time-table, ensure that you give more time to subjects you are not very confident in, keep frequent rejuvenation periods in between so your learning can continue being fun! And if you’re learning with Extramarks, we make sure that through visuals and animation, learning becomes an effortless, enjoyable pursuit .

4. NEW THING in your Hand
New academic year brings a new syllabus, with new books and new lessons and concepts to learn. Breathe it all in! Organize your study table again. Stack it with fresh stationery. Pull out all your course books. Jump up a grade in your e-learning modules and browse through it all. This helps you become familiar with the journey you will be undertaking in the coming months.

And this is the most critical out of all. Whatever be the case, do not begin on a note of negativity, frustration, diffidence or fear. A new year is a completely new opportunity and tell yourself, you are going to make the most of that opportunity.

And anytime, if you’re looking for a companion to help you wade through the jumble of academic knowledge, Extramarks is here! We’re here to make things simple, effective and engaging for you.

Happy Learning!