Track your Child’s Academic Performance with Extramarks

In our world, it is safe to say that technology has taken over everyone’s lives in a prominent way. Innovations in technology aid various fields, making our lives easier and richer. The education sector, too, has benefitted greatly from these innovations, wherein technology has not only aided in helping a student learn, but also ensured that all stakeholders in a child’s learning journey are brought together on one platform.

Learning is a continuous process in a student’s life, and along with teachers, parents also play a vital role in making the child’s academic journey more fruitful. While all parents want to be proactively involved in following up with what their child is doing and how are they performing, how practical is it, given that parents too run tight schedules and have professional commitments which demand much of their time and attention? Well, it is very practical! How? With the help of Extramarks!

Keeping in mind the motive of giving parents an ultimate peek into their child’s academic performance, with real time updates, Extramarks created the Parent EdConnect App. Through this app, parents can learn and understand how their child is spending time on Extramarks – The Learning App and its various offerings like LPT modules, Live Classes, Adaptive Tests and much more.

Here is how the app helps aids you as a parent!

Get an overview of your child’s performance

And just to be sure, compare and map it to the TOP and AVERAGE class scores to gain an understanding of your child’s comparative performance.

Get detailed subject-wise and chapter-wise insights to understand

– How much syllabus has the child covered

– What tests have been taken

– How has the child performed in the tests

Make informed interventions in the learning journey through 

– Detailed analysis of previous Weekly Tests

– Reports on Quick Tests conducted chapter-wise and concept-wise

– Question-wise analysis for different categories of questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

If your child is attending Extramarks Live Classes, get to know

– Scheduled of all upcoming live classes

– Attendance updates to make sure your child is regular to these classes

– Updates on worksheets and homework assigned, along with submission deadlines

– Updates on Weekly Test and analysis Test Performance

And guess what, you can also create and assign tests to your child customised to unique learning needs!

Technology has now become ubiquitous in each walk of our life, and it is a fundamental part of education. Why should parents, then, be left untouched by the fruits of technology, especially when it comes to the academic success of their children? While your children make the most of their time on Extramarks – The Learning App, you browse through Parent EdConnect and stay updated, anytime, anywhere!