Wearable Technology

blog 9Wearable technology, in simple words is a category of technology devices that can be worn. But, a pair of headphones or a digital watch isn’t a part of it. Wearable technology devices or simply wearables are laden with smart sensors. It makes use of web connection usually using ‘Bluetooth’ to connect wirelessly to your smartphone. To put it simply, wearables are the biggest new innovation in technology since the smartphone – and the possibilities are endless.

Smartwatches, health monitors, pedometers, activity trackers etc. are all part of the emerging landscape of wearable technology which promises to change the way we exercise and communicate.

Wearable technology in education can enhance a child’s ability to interact more naturally with their environment and be creative and innovative. Students can more easily access information without any obstructions. Various technologies to connect teachers to students have been taking over schools in the last few years with platforms designed to help with homework assignments to school interaction. Wearables will enhance this by allowing students to share questions or work with their teacher in order to get faster replies.