Which is Best: Online Learning Classes or Private Tuitions

blog 6Owing to the paradigm shift in dependence of Indian economy on service sector, education has become one of the most important commodities for an average household. Technological advancement and social pressure necessitates students to take online classes through online tutors. Various learning paradigms like online classes, digital learning, online tuitions, and online education portals have evolved. These alternate online classes have carved such a huge market that it has become almost a routine for students to subscribe to these. However, society, in general, is still reluctant to embrace technology in learning as these choices are governed by parents’ will.

Owing to whopping demand and competition, the traditional coaching centers focus on academic aspects exclusively. The best that these coaching centers do is reiterate concepts that students learn in schools making it tough for students to manage time and build a strong concept base.

In comparison to online classes or online tutors, coaching centers are bound by time constraints wherein a student needs to be physically present. Online learning can be very convenient wherein a student can study at any time as per their time and comfort. In comparison to online learning platforms that reproduce traditional classroom into a computer or mobile screen, coaching centers fail in attending to the needs of learners in a personalized manner and are less effective. Also, coaching centers follow traditional instructed led learning pedagogy without utilizing technology which makes it unsuitable for majority of learners.

Online classes have come as a boon for slow learners who otherwise lag behind in schools or tuitions. A sound digital education (also called online education or online tutor) portal is designed to meet the learning requirements of various types of learners. Different types of learners include visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic learners. A foolproof online tutor ought to target the learning needs of all types of learners and strengthens concept retention through multimode explanation.

Extramarks learning solutions come handy as it offers digital learning which comes in form of online classes (or online tutor) as well as offline through SD cards mounted on hardware devices. Extramarks enables a sound self-learning platform that caters to all the categories of learners.Its’ learning solutions are multimodal (catering to visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic learners) and have best suited learning supplements for all kinds of learners.

Extramarks Smart Study Pack offers online education platform which includes online tutoring through self-paced animated lessons as well as game based recreational engines for accelerating the pace and duration of concept retention. Extramarks Smart Study Tab recreates the same learning environment (online tutor) offline. Extramarks learning solutions offer comprehensive concept coverage and deeper retention as they introduce concepts to learners in multiple ways making learning easy and effective.