Why Extramarks Online Learning Platform is Better than Offline Tuition?


The dynamics of education have changed drastically in the past decade. As learners grapple with a constantly evolving world, with technology becoming the cornerstone of efficiency and progress in all fields, education has witnessed seamless transition to the digital ecosystem. This was most visible during the pandemic times, where technology came as an aid for continuing studies and helping teachers stay connected with their students. Online learning became the dominant mode of learning, with online tutoring becoming their go-to place for learning concepts and clearing doubts. In such a scenario, it was only obvious that e-learning platforms, like Extramarks, emerge as the guide and companions for most students aspiring to continue their studies in a virtual class-like atmosphere.

As a believer in the potential of technology to transform the landscape of education and to make quality education accessible to all, Extramarks has enabled the digital transformation in many schools and in the learning community as a whole. Online learning platforms are brimming with innovations, and with recent developments like Alex, Go-To-School and School@Home program, Extramarks has been at the helm of these transformations.

Learning with Extramarks online holds a distinctive edge over offline tuition. Here are the segments we cater to –

School Students – with Extramarks web and Extramarks – The Learning App
JEE Aspirants – with Extramarks web and JEE Prep App by Extramarks
NEET Aspirants – with Extramarks web and NEET Prep App by Extramarks
Pre-Schoolers – with Lil One by Extramarks

With numerous apps, and long and short-term competitive preparation courses, Extramarks has managed to remain the favourite online learning platform among students, schools, teachers and parents. Wondering why Extramarks holds a distinct e-learning edge over offline tuitions? Let’s tell you!

  • Save on Time and Money
    With Extramarks, you can learn from the comfort and safety of home, thereby saving on time and commute cost. Also, you can access free online classes and free online courses during the trial period which comes in with every app. Also, refer Extramarks to more of your friends and earn more free online learning time!
  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere
    While learning with Extramarks, you have the autonomy to determine where to learn and at what time to learn. No problem if you cannot stick to the rigid schedules announced by coaching classes, you can learn at your own pace and comfort by revisiting course material as many times as you wish!
  • Access Unlimited and Valuable Online Learning Resources
    E-learning platforms introduce personalized learning, interactive learning and adaptive learning. With a deep repository of learning content which can be utilized by students at their comfort and Extamarks is no different! With no dearth of learning material, Extramarks is the preferred online learning partner for students, and ranks among the best online course creators – be it for school education or for competitive exam prep.
  • Customized Your Learning Enviroment with Extramarks
    Have you heard of ‘adaptive teaching and learning’? That’s what we give you at Extramarks! Your online learning environment is driven by your progress curve, with the e-learning platform responding to the pace of your comprehension, retention and application of topics.
  • All Subjects, All Classes
    While attending offline tuitions, it is difficult to find a one stop solution for all subjects. Usually, students end up paying loads for subject-wise tuitions. Sometimes, because of this set up, students focus more on some subjects and miss out on giving attention to others. With Extramarks, this is not the case. We give you e-learning solutions for all subjects, all classes, in one place! Many online learning platforms specialize in specific subjects – not the case with Extramrks. Here, you get everything in one place!
  • Live Classes by Expert Faculty
    Do you learn better under the guidance of teachers? Fret not! Our Online Live Classes conducted by proven subject matter experts are fast becoming a favourite with students across India. These live classes are beamed right to your homes – maintaining top standards of education in all corners of the country. The online high school classes are especially bringing in rich dividends for students, with interactive education and adaptive teaching in action!
  • Solve Your Doubts with Alex!
    Queries don’t knock on your mind’s door according to the time on the clock. Or the schedule of your tuitions. On Extramarks – The Learning App, however, you can get instant solutions to all your doubts at any time of the day. You can simply ask you queries to Alex – the first ever AI based-studybot of its kind. With Alex, you can experience both – personalized teaching and interactive education – because Alex responds to your custom queries, and also takes care of adaptive teaching needs by throwing in tests in your learning journey once concept learning is over.
  • Reports, Ranking and Peer Analysis
    Just studying is not enough. Knowing how well you’re doing, where you’re lagging and how you’re performing in comparison to your peers is critical to get started on an upward learning curve. Extramarks provides you with an in-depth performance report, which insights on your strong learning areas, focus areas for improvement, subject/chapter-wise mastery, time management skills and much else!
  • Fun Time = Quiz Time
    We are motivated by making learning fun and interactive, and so, we encourage children to revise concepts in a fun manner by challenging their friends to a round of QUIZ! This is a classic example of interactive education, built to keep students engaged and interested.
  • Visual and Interactive Learning
    Quite simply, Extramarks brings textbook concepts alive through its rich, multimedia based visual lessons. What children see, they retain better.
  • Updated and Customized Curriculum Mapped Teaching
    In Extramarks Live Classes and Online High School Classes, we deliver updated curriculum mapped learning, as per major Boards of the country.
  • JEE & NEET Prep Along with Academics
    Extramarks is also the answer for all your IIT-JEE preparation and NEET preparation, to help you achieve your engineering and medicine entrance dreams. Crack them with confidence, with app created by experts who have produced several top ranks over the past many years.
  • School@Home Initiative by Extramarks
    While the world was grappling with the pandemic, Extramarks started conducting Live Classes, mapped to the curriculum for grades 6th to 10th. With School@Home by Extramarks, students across India could continue their learning even as school remained shut.
  • EYSE – Extramarks Young Scholars Exam
    EYSE is an online scholarship exam, which is conducted to reward the best of youth with scholarships they are deserving off, so they can continue learning and rise to the highest levels of academics success.

Extramarks has a team of leading academic experts, who ensure that the highest standards of learning and research are maintained while creating learning content for students. Deep research, along with the Learn-Practice-Test pedagogy ensure a huge edge over offline tuitions for students. Suffice to say, digital learning is no longer the future. With organizations like Extramarks – it is the present!