You don’t really learn if there is no fun

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The new academic session has begun! There are new books to be opened, new chapters to be studied, new concepts to be learnt and new targets to be set. A wonderful opportunity, but can induce nervousness in a few.
We understand that learning can be daunting sometimes, especially with a new class and a whole new curriculum throwing a fresh set of challenges. We also understand in such times, a guide, or a personal mentor is all the touch of magic you need to approach the new and unexplored with confidence. And so, we are here to be your companion and virtual mentor on the learning journey, available exclusively for you, anytime and anywhere you need!

Extramarks – The Learning App is all you need to ace the current academic session. In our exciting visual and interactive modules, we simplify complex concepts, and present to you a world of learning which is simple and fun. Yes, learning is fun with Extramarks – try it and you will see!

Here are seven ways in which Extramarks – The Learning App gives you the edge and steers you towards academic excellence.

1. Complete Curriculum Mapped Learning Solutions – All Subjects, All Classes

All your K-12 learning needs are addressed here. Be it Sanskrit or Psychology or History or Mathematics – we’ve got you covered. Our content repository is huge, with ample practice and test questions to keep you exam ready.

2. A 360 Degree Approach to Learning

Extramarks has cracked the code to making learning seamless. The three pronged learning approach of ‘Learn-Practice-Test’ gives students a focused journey map for absolute concept clarity. First you learn, then you practice and apply the learnt knowledge, and finally, you test yourselves out through our adaptive testing platform.

3. National Level Weekly Test Series
A unique innovation, these weekly test series help students attempt a test along with their national peers and gain an understanding of their preparedness. Instant reports and peer rankings are generated after each test, which help in ascertaining where your learning stands and how much your need to work harder.

4. In-Depth Reports and Analysis
Always helps to know your strength and gap areas, and through a robust intelligence backed data analysis system, this is what we give you. We filter down your performance to the subject, chapter and topic level so that you know precisely where you need to work hard and how much time should you allocate where. We’re your virtual partners, ok?

5. A Gamified, Exciting Learning Environment
Do you think you are a history geek? Or a computer wizard? Or a physics expert? Well, why don’t you challenge a peer (or multiple peers) to a round of quiz and prove your mettle? See, we told you, learning doesn’t have to be boring.

6. Adaptive Testing
Our tests respond to your level of preparation. As your learning and comprehension level improves, you’re served with tougher questions to answer. So you see, your improvement is ensured.

7. Visual and Interactive Learning Journeys
We do not expect our learners to be passive observers. We want you to actively engaged and enjoy the process of learning. Hence, we make use of rich graphics, AR and VR techniques and beautiful animations to communicate a concept. Basically, we take the boredom out of learning.

Try it out, dear students. The first seven days of your time spent on the app is FREE! Why not explore and see the wonders that await you with Extramarks – The Learning App.

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