Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 11

Central Board of School Education(CBSE) has introduced a new pattern for the Class 11 Exam Pattern with some major changes. Students appearing for CBSE board exams, therefore, need to update themselves with CBSE 11th syllabus. Understanding the exam pattern for CBSE Class 11 would help students understand the sectional allocation of the test marks and the marking system.

Earlier in the year 2008, CBSE officials launched Continuous and Comprehensive Examination (CCE) Exam pattern for CBSE Class 11 and this test pattern has continued until now. During the 2019 board exams, CBSE officials said, ""The internal evaluation will be 20 per cent of the total marks and the subjects of Science and Arts will carry the same weight.""  
Below is the Exam pattern for CBSE Class 11:
Periodic tests –  5 marks: A minimum of 3 Periodic Tests will be carried out for each subject. For final submission, an average of two tests will be taken out of 3 Periodic Tests. For internal evaluation, the Period Test carries 5 marks out of the 20 marks.
Multiple Assessments –  5 Marks: In addition to the Periodic Tests, the CBSE has given School authority to carry assessments in other forms based on the subject. Multiple Assessment involves Oral Test, Group / Individual Assessment, Maps, Graphs, Activities, Assignments, etc. are to be held. 
Portfolio – 5 Marks: A portfolio is nothing but student work. The portfolio is made up of the student's work, which includes the student's accomplishments, development, advancement, achievements. The portfolio contains the following elements which will be used to assess the student.
Subject Enrichment Activities – 5 Marks: This carries another 5 marks and evaluates a student's practical, project works and language skills. The behaviour on the topic of change is different for different topics. Of starters, the listening, speaking skills, vocabulary will be tested on language subjects while the practical activities will be studied for maths and science. Some relevant project work, such as a map, will be evaluated for CBSE 11th subjects.
CBSE officials have taken internal choices on the papers in question. In all parts of the question papers of all subjects, students can consider 33 per cent internal preference. Therefore students will have ample opportunities to choose from. That will make them respond better to the things they ask.
In all subjects, officials included 25 per cent analytical type questions. Objective style questions (Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blanks, etc) are given 20 points out of 80 marks. When students need to write a detailed answer, hypothetical questions will only hold 60 points. The students must have the basic knowledge of all the chapters included in the CBSE 11th syllabus and principles in order to perform well in the test. Sufficient questions and issues from the past year should also be answered. Students can take mock exams of CBSE Class 11 on Extramarks that are based on textbooks and CBSE 11th subjects.

The CBSE Class 11 syllabus consists of multiple subjects and topics like Sociology, Political Science, Business Studies, etc. This syllabus introduces students to multiple new concepts that can seem alien to them initially. These subjects can be learnt from the Extramarks website rather than textbooks for having a clear and deeper understanding of the subjects. Some chapters in Political Science and Sociology are explained by expert teachers in the form of video lectures making learning adaptive and fun. The syllabus coverage on the app is done and published by an expert from all across the country. The website can help the students to prepare for exams by providing the pattern for CBSE Class 11 exams and making them aware of the questions that can appear in the exams.

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