Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 11 हिंदी

The CBSE Class 11 Hindi Syllabus includes an interesting chapter. CBSE Class 11 Hindi Syllabus students can have difficulty understanding the Pattern for CBSE Class 11 Hindi Syllabus. Some students may also have trouble remembering the Hindi Syllabus for Class 11. Extramarks make it easy for the students to receive study materials for Hindi Syllabus Class 11 Hindi. Following is an overview of the chapter Class 11 CBSE Hindi syllabus.   

Chapter 1 नमक का दारोगा
Chapter 2 मियाँ नसीरूद्दीन
Chapter 3 अपू के साथ ढाई साल
Chapter 4 विदाई-संभाषण
Chapter 5 गलता लोहा
Chapter 6 स्पीति में बारिश
Chapter 7 रजनी
Chapter 8 जामुन का पेड़
Chapter 9 भारत माता
Chapter 10 आत्मा का ताप
Chapter 11 हम तौ एक एक करि जानां संतो देख जगत बौरानां
Chapter 12 मरे तो गिरिधर गोपाल
Chapter 13 पथिक
Chapter 14 वे आँखें
Chapter 15 घर की याद
Chapter 16 चंपा काले-काले अच्छर नहीं चीन्हती
Chapter 17 गजल
Chapter 18 हे भूख ! मत मचल
Chapter 19 सबसे खतरनाक
Chapter 20 आओ, मिलकर बचाएँ

Hindi was named after the Persian word Hind, meaning' Indus River ground.' In the early 11th century, Persian-speaking Turks who invaded Punjab and Gangetic plains named the language of the Hindi region,' Indus River Land language.' Close to 425 million people speak Hindi as a first language, and nearly 120 million as a second. Hindi is one of the Indian spoken languages. It is the official language of India, the other official language being English. Hindi is the principal language of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and North India's capital Delhi; Bihar and Jharkhand in Eastern India; Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in Central India and Rajasthan in West India. It's widely understood in many other Indian states. Hindi is also spoken outside India, for example in Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and Nepal.

In its present form, it evolved through the languages of Prakrit and Apabhramsa. Hindi is a member of the Indo-Iranian subfamily Indian group of the Indo-European language family. It was inspired and enriched by the Dravidian languages Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, English and South Indian.  Hindi is also helpful in communicating in neighboring Nepal, India. Ironically, it's going to be difficult for a Hindi speaker to speak Nepalese, the official language of Nepal, but easy to read because both languages use the same script called Devanagari. On the other hand, speaking Urdu, Pakistan's national language is easy for Hindi speakers but it is very difficult to read Urdu text as it uses Arabic script.

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