Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 12 हिंदी

Coursework for CBSE Class 12 Hindi syllabus is divided into two components: Hindi Core and Hindi Elective. The pattern for CBSE Class 12 Hindi for both Hindi Core and Hindi Elective in CBSE Class 12 is the same. The Syllabus of Hindi Core and Hindi Elective includes the layout of the course along with the distribution of the chapter wise points. Knowing the syllabus will help students get an idea of the topics they'll be studying for the current academic year. If students study all the topics listed in the Class 12 CBSE Hindi syllabus then they can score a good percentile in the Hindi Exam board of their Class 12 CBSE. Getting good grades is no easy job in Class 12. It takes a lot of effort on a student's part to be able to achieve the high standards set by the CBSE board and compete with the bright minds around it. As a student, it is important to plan and strategize the plan to prepare for class 12 boards if one wants to be on top of the pyramid and beat the competition. Now the first step in making a good study plan is to fully understand the syllabus. Once students have understood a subject's scope using Hindi Syllabus Class 12 CBSE, they will be able to analyze the time required to properly research it and conduct at least one complete revision.
Below are the chapters from the textbook that are in the Hindi Syllabus Class 12 CBSE
Chapter 1 आत्म-परिचय
Chapter 2 पतंग
Chapter 3 कविता के बहाने
Chapter 4 कैमरे में बंद अपाहिज
Chapter 5 सहर्ष स्वीकारा है
Chapter 6 उषा
Chapter 7 बादल राग
Chapter 8 कवितावली
Chapter 9 रुबाइयाँ
Chapter 10 छोटा मेरा खेत,बगुलों के पंख
Chapter 11 भक्तिन
Chapter 12 बाजार दर्शन
Chapter 13 काले मेघा पानी दे|
Chapter 14 पहलवान की ढोलक
Chapter 15 चार्ली चैपलिन यानी हम सब
Chapter 16 नमक
Chapter 17 ‘शिरीष के फूल’
Chapter 18 श्रम-विभाजन और जाति-प्रथा
The exam is sat by Class 12 students, usually aged 16-18. A subject is graded to 100 points in the test. In subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Arithmetic, Physiology, etc. where practical tests are also carried out, 30/20 marks are reserved in professionals and internals, and 70/80 marks for the theoretical examinations. From 2020 onwards, even in subjects such as English, political science, regional languages, etc., CBSE issued guidelines for conducting an internal evaluation for 20 marks, for which only the theory examination filled the 100 marks limit up until 2019. Theory papers are performed for 3 hours, whereas the length of the practical examinations varies on the subject.
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