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21st Century Classrooms

Automation of day-to-day classroom activities

Personalized Learning with Devices

This programme seamlessly integrates Extramarks Smart Class with device-based learning. Every teacher and learner is equipped with a personal device uniquely programmed to simulate real-life education environment in the classroom. The learner devices synchronize with teacher’s device and interactive board in real time, creating a collaborative learning environment. These devices are preloaded with the CAPS-aligned multimedia modules to achieve desired learning outcomes in line with the curriculum policy. The teachers are relieved of the routine tasks of taking attendance, creating assessments etc., which can now be accomplished by a click, enabling them to devote more time to interact and teach in the classroom.

Some of the features of this programme are:

  • Automation of day-to-day classroom activities such as attendance, daily diary, formation of groups etc.
  • Instant creation and sharing of notes and assignments between the teacher and learners during and after the class.
  • Management of live assessments and group activities with real time progress monitoring and result-analysis.

This experiential and adaptive learning environment ensures education becomes engaging and personalized, and brings the best out of the learners.

Extramarks’ digital learning solutions can be customized and implemented in phases to suit the needs and budget of a school, ranging from:

  • A simple projector-based classroom
  • More advanced 'Extramarks Smart Class'
  • Fully-loaded 21st century classroom with personalized devices