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Comprehensive explanation of concepts through various platform of multimedia.

Become a part of new - age teaching- learning environment with Smart Learn Modules used by more than 5000 prestigious school across India and Abroad, capturing the imaginations of teachers and students worldwide. These unique learning - centric concept modules are designed by infusing experienced teaching methodology with world class digital technology. The lessons are curriculum mapped and are created by subject experts with illustrious teaching backgrounds.

An adaptive teaching - learning approach is followed where concepts are hierarchically graded and layered moving from simple to complex levels for senior classes. For junior classes, the Concept Adventure modules follow a thematic approach which are characterized by observation from real life surroundings and scenarios, stimulating the thinking abilities of young minds.

During the learning process, there are other added benefits that a user is equipped with, which are:


While studying, a learner can invite a mentor who could be a parent, teacher, sibling or anybody that a learner wants to take guidance from. This unique feature allows Mentors to add students and track and monitor their performance.


Students can invite their own friends and peers and create their very own study groups which leads to collaborative learning.


This effective tool gives learners the freedom to plan their studies as per their learning and curricular needs.


Students can create their own study notes for revision purpose and even post queries.

Thus, a learner can be exposed to a virtual classroom where learning can be acquired at one's own pace and space, anytime and anywhere, maintaining the continuity of concepts at school and at home.

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