We read articles every day in newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. There are several types of articles such as general articles, editorials, articles on local and foreign issues, obituaries, articles on entertainment, travel and tourism, society, sports, etc. The structure of an article is similar to that of other compositions. Articles have a title, an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. The title should be attractive and the introduction should give highlights of the article in a gist. The body of the article may contain several paragraphs and discusses in detail and logically the topic explaining its various aspects. The body should contain useful information written in a lucid manner so that it engages the reader. All the prime aspects should be revealed in the body of the article. The conclusion should be impressive. Before writing an article one should also consider the media in which the article is going to appear, the target readers, the purpose and the appropriate style of writing. One should also take care to use formal or semi formal language keeping in mind the targeted audience. The article should be objective. Reading some sample articles will be very helpful in understanding the structure, characteristics, and style of an article. One should also try writing some articles in order to get acquainted with the art of writing articles.

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