A diary is a book in which one record one's thoughts and feeling regarding what has taken place each day. Traditionally speaking a diary should be hand written. In this ultra modern technological era people prefer to keep their memories in digital diaries. Benefits/Purpose of Keeping Diary Entries Whatever may be the format and style, keeping a diary is a very good habit. • We can recall special events • We can record and recall our thoughts and feelings • It relieves our mind of the burden and rejuvenates our hearts • Looking back to our difficult times after some time has therapeutic effects. • We can explore ourselves • We can improve our writing skills and implant writing habit • We can take a stock of our success and failures Some of the diary entries in the history turned out to be classical literature. For example The Diary of a Young Girl (also known as The Diary of Anne Frank) Writing Diary Entries • The basic rule is that one should be honest in writing diary entries • One may enter a chronological narration of the events of the day • A detailed narration of the events is preferable • Diary entries should have a personal touch (informal and relaxed style) • Pronouns such as I, we, us etc. can be used (first person narrative) • Every entry should mention the date and place Format of a diary entry • Top left corner mention the date, day and if possible time • Write preferably in simple past or present perfect tense • Use first person narrative • Some may prefer to use a salutation 'Dear Diary' or some other name to address the diary • The body may contain the detailed description of the events, your feelings and reaction etc. • Conclude with some remarks It is advisable to go through some diary entries by famous personalities and start writing your diary today itself, if you are not habitual in keeping diary entries

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