Chapter 03 – Prepositions Preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show the relation between the nouns or pronouns in a sentence. Prepositions express various relations, which can be in terms of place or direction, time, manner, agency, cause, measure, origin, possession, etc. Place or Direction The prepositions on, in, under, beside, near, to, towards, between, through, among, into, along, etc. are used to show the place or direction. For example: There is a handle on that door. There is a meeting in the conference room. Their music class is between 3 to 4 pm every Wednesday. Time Prepositions before, on, behind, since, for, in, to, into, at, by, under, during, till, until, within, after, throughout, with, from, etc. are used to indicate time. For example: On Sunday, we will be going for a family picnic. John worked from 9 am to 12 pm yesterday. Travel and Movement Prepositions on, in, to, at, into, across, against, from, etc. are used to indicate travel and movements. E.g. Anne arrived at her friend’s birthday party on time. The delegation arrived in New York. Agent, instrument or manner Preposition with, by, etc. are used for this purpose Examples: The guests were welcomed with joy. This needs to be handled with care. Cause, reason, purpose or measurement Prepositions such as for, at, by, through, from, with, of, etc. are used for this purpose. Examples: They are working for a good cause. Tomatoes are sold at $3/Kg.

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