Reading Comprehension, as the name implies, discourages cram work but one should be able to reach down to the inherent idea of the passage instead. It is one of the most important talent one has to acquire while mastering a language. This skill provides the power to understand the content of a passage. The questions on reading comprehension test the power of comprehension of the students and their ability to express what they grasp in a simple, clear and direct style of their own. IMPORTANCE OF READING COMPREHENSION • Comprehension is derived from the word comprehend (v) which means "to understand" and also "to perceive or to take in the mind". It is therefore basically an exercise to test a person’s understanding and grasp of the language. • This exercise helps to inculcate the habits of intelligent reading, correct expression and judicious selection. The study of newspapers, journals, magazines and extensive but intelligent reading of books will enable students to solve this type of exercises. • Read the passage at least three times, once before reading the questions, then, after reading the questions, and for the third time, before attempting the summary question. TYPES OF QUESTIONS  Meaning of words or phrases  Answer to questions  Summary and its Heading  Sentence completion  Gap filling etc. MEANING OF WORDS OR PHRASES Difficult words used in the passage can be quite often comprehended contextually. While you give meaning of a word or a phrase, you must take care of the following:- 1. You should give only one answer 2. Your answer should be well fitting to the context 3. It should be in the same tense as that of the question. 4. It should also be in the similar part of speech as that of the question. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Some of the question patterns consists of multiple choice questions (MCQ). Multiple Choice or Objective exams are based on your ability to recognize facts. Studying for a multiple choice test requires a special method of preparation distinctly different from an essay test. Multiple choice tests ask a student to recognize a correct answer among a set of options that include 3 or 4 wrong answers (called distracters), rather than asking the student to produce a correct answer entirely from his/her own mind. ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS You will be asked to answer short answer questions based on the reading passage. In order to answer them correctly take care of the following steps. 1. First of all read the passage and the questions that follow, in order to get a general idea of the theme 2. Don’t get preoccupied with answering particular questions 3. Make sure that you understand the question 4. If possible try to rephrase it in more simple terms at the same time absorbing all its implications 5. Very often the students just glance through the questions without trying to understand its implications

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