Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Our resources like forests, wild life, water, coal and petroleum need to be used in a sustainable manner in order to conserve our environment. We can reduce pressure on the environment by sincerely applying the three R’s to save the environment that is ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ in our lives. We need to use our resources carefully because these are not unlimited and with the human population increasing at a tremendous rate due to improvement in health-care, the demand for all resources is increasing at an exponential rate. Forests are ‘biodiversity hot spots’. Management of forest resources has to take into account the interests of various stakeholders. One of the main aims of conservation is to try and preserve the biodiversity we have inherited. Water is a basic necessity for all terrestrial forms of life. One method of conserving water is by building dams. The dams have social, economic and environmental implications. Watershed management emphasises water conservation in order to increase the biomass production. Water harvesting techniques are highly locale specific and their benefits are also localized. Due to industrial revolution, we have been using increasing amounts of energy to meet our basic needs. This energy needs have been largely met by the reserves of coal and petroleum. These fossil fuels were formed Due to the degradation of biomass millions of years ago and hence will be exhausted in the future. Also the combustion of fossil fuel pollutes our environment, so we need to use these resources judiciously.

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