Some of the widely used accounting softwares are Tally, Busy, and Fact. Features of accounting softwares are simplicity, speed, scalable, flexibility, real time processing and also supporting features like remote access, control centre support centre, etc. Tally.ERP 9 is widely used accounting software. It is fast, powerful, multi-lingual and caters to requirements of small and medium level businesses. We can install Tally by package installation or by downloading from software provider’s website. Under package installation we can click the ‘instal.exe’ icon on the CD or type the command :\INSTALL on the start option from windows and follow the instructions.

The directories in Tally are application, data and configuration, language and license directories. Gateway of Tally screen is divided into six sections namely horizontal button bar, main area, bottom pane, calculator area, task bar and button bar. The various fields appear in creation of company are directory, name of the business, mailing name and address, statutory features and base currency symbol, maintain, financial year, security control, etc. The first step after login is to select company. In case of multiple companies, list of companies appear along with the system generated codes. Different features of a company can be selected or modified by using the F11 or F12 button. Certain features like multi-currency and multi-locations once set to ‘Yes’ cannot be modified if the feature has been used.

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