Composition and Structure of Atmosphere

Atmosphere is the huge blanket of air that surrounds the earth and provides life supporting conditions on the earth. It is colourless, odourless and tasteless in composition. It provides us the air we breathe. Atmosphere protects us from the harmful effects of Sun’s rays. Its average depth is around 450–800 km thick. 99% of the total mass of the atmosphere is confined to the height of 32 Km from the surface of the earth. It is this mass of air, that has made the temperature on the earth suitable for living.

Atmosphere is a mixture of: Gases like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon-dioxide, hydrogen, ozone, etc. Water vapours, and Dust particles Atmosphere is divided into five layers starting from the earth’s surface to the space. These five layers of atmosphere are: Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermosphere, and Exosphere The atmospheric conditions of the place where we live in, keep on changing every day. The state of the atmosphere at any particular place or time is called weather. The average weather condition of a place for a longer period of time represents the climate of a place. Elements of weather and climate are: Temperature Air pressure Wind and Moisture Because of these elements, weather and climate determine almost all the aspects of human life.

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