Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature

Insolation is the energy received by the earth as the incoming solar radiation. The amount of solar radiation received at a place during a particular time is determined by the factors like: The rotation of earth on its axis The angle of inclination of the Sunrays The length of the day The transparency of the atmosphere The configuration of land in terms of its aspects The earth radiates back the heat received through insolation through the processes of Conduction Convection and Advection The earth maintains a balance between the incoming solar heat and the outgoing terrestrial radiation, which is known as the heat budget of the earth. In the absence of this, the earth would have been excessively warmer or excessively cooler.

Temperature is the degree of hotness and coldness of anything. There are various factors which affect the temperature of a place like: The latitude of a place The altitude of a place Distance from the sea, the air mass circulation The presence of warm and cold ocean currents The local aspects The distribution of temperature is represented by the isotherms. Inversion of temperature is the deviation from the normal pattern where the temperature decreases with the increasing height.

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