Advertisement is an activity of attracting public attention to a product/business/service through paid announcement in any media. Interesting and meaningful advertisements attract readers. They should have Simple and effective language, happy blend of content and style, sharp focus on the main issue, simple eye-catching words, and clearly stated facts. While preparing an advertisement one should keep in mind the following points; lengthy and dull sentences to be avoided, text should be brief and to the point, use varied fonts to attract readers, tone, mood and style should be match with the subject, target viewers for whom the ads are made, etc.

There are two types of advertisements, classified and general. Following are some classified type of advertisements: Situations vacant, situations wanted placement services, sale and purchase, travels and tours, property, matrimonial, consultancy, public notices, etc. Usually the mmaximum word limit for an advertisement should not be 50 and it should be short and to the point. While writing an advertisement for the examination purpose there is no need of blocks or designs. Simple, factual and formal language should be used throughout.

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