Aunt Jennifer's Tigers

The tigers on Aunt Jennifer’s panel are a bright topaz colour against a backdrop of green as they are identified with green forests. She has also made some men under a tree as she wants to depict the tiger’s fearlessness against male dominance of the world. There is an air of brave certainty in their gait. In contrast to the fearlessness and brave certainty of the tigers that Aunt is making, her own fingers are trembling.

With fear and nervousness and perhaps pain,she finds it hard to pull the ivory needle while embroidering. The wedding ring which was supposed to bring happiness and glory in life has become symbolic of Aunt Jennifer’s burdensome married life. She is suffering her husband’s agonising dominance and the bondage of the customs of marriage. There is no hope of escape for Aunt from the imprints of the difficult times that she has suffered under the command of her husband and she will die with the same painful state of mind. However, her desire for free and self-reliant existence, expressed in her embroidered tapestries would keep on inspiring women who aspire for emancipation.

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